Websites can generate amazing results for ANY business if approached correctly. Come along to our "Learn the Secrets to Convert Website Visitors into Customers" seminar and we'll reveal the fundamentals behind every successful website and give you some proven, practical tips & techniques required to turn your website visitors into customers.

Many people fall into the trap of focusing on promoting their website too early! They spend lots of money on website promotion – and then watch sadly as the website fails to persuade anyone to buy or show any interest in their product or services. 

We will outline the key steps you need to take to create a highly persuasive website and make use of case studies to powerfully illustrate the concepts we cover in this highly practical seminar.

Perhaps you're thinking "another free seminar sales pitch"? This seminar is purely educational. No catch.

You will learn:

  • The two key factors that will determine if your website succeeds or fails
  • Why it is important to continuously measure the performance of your website
  • How you can use simple techniques to consistently improve your website results
  • A step-by-step guide to convince your website visitors to take the action you want them to take
  • Exactly where you should start to get things going

Why not take advantage the years of extensive research and on the ground experience Zeald has had working with thousands of businesses across a wide range of industries?

This seminar has been presented and refined nearly 300 times to over 10,000 New Zealand business owners and consistently receives the highest levels of feedback.

Zeald Speakers

The Secrets of Website Persuasion seminar will be presented by one of the experienced Zeald presenters below:

Brent Kelly Zeald Sales and Marketing Director

Brent Kelly

Brent, Sales and Marketing Director and co-founder of Zeald is extremely passionate about using a website as a business and marketing tool, and the impact a highly performing website can have on an organisation's bottom line.

He played a critical part in the development of Zeald, being directly responsible for planning and developing most of its products and some of its most critical systems.  Brent is a dynamic speaker who shares his vast knowledge and experience with great enthusiasm and in a way that is easily understood.

Glen Sharkey Zeald Seminar presenterGlen Sharkey

Glen is one of Zeald's seminar speakers and is passionate about helping businesses achieve success.

Through his entire career Glen has had a lot of exposure speaking in front of people. He is a dynamic speaker who has presented in front of hundreds of people and has a natural affinity with any group. His engaging presence and keen sense of humour have seen him build rapport with a variety of audience from different backgrounds.

Craig Woolhouse Zeald Website ConsultantCraig Woolhouse

Craig Woolhouse is an eBusiness consultant for Zeald in Christchurch. He has a great passion for helping people to discover ways in which to make their businesses succeed online.        

Craig has a background in both IT and business and has been involved in a successful e-Commerce store selling Italian food online. Having this experience has been invaluable to Craig who wanted to “practice what he preached”. Craig’s passion for what he calls the future of marketing is known to be very contagious and he enjoys passing on his understanding of the online world to others

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    <a id="30" onclick="changeSeminar( '30', showPopup() )">Christchurch</a> - Wed, 30 April 2014: 10 to 12
    <a id="40" onclick="changeSeminar( '40', showPopup() )">L Hutt/Wellington</a> - Tues, 13 May 2014: 10 to 12
    <a id="24" onclick="changeSeminar( '24', showPopup() )">Hamilton</a> - Thurs, 22 May 2014: 10 to 12
    <a id="56" onclick="changeSeminar( '56', showPopup() )">Ellerslie</a> - Thurs, 29 May 2014: 10 to 12
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"I recently attended a wonderful presentation by Glen Sharkey in Wellington. He did a fantastic job and I felt that he conveyed the information in an easily understood language; no terminology or abbreviations that anyone might have felt excluded by. It was a great balance of being up beat without being too much. The length of time of the seminar was perfect; the ice breakers and keeping to time were all great. It felt as though everyone would be taking home some real pearls. This seminar really helped me to refocus on working 'on' my business rather than just ' in' it. Thank you so much for this opportunity, and for your generosity in making the seminar available free. I would definitely recommend this."
Virgina Ashcroft
Virgina Ashcroft Counselling
"Excellent presentation, reinforcing marketing basics and putting focus back into this vital tool to enhance business growth."
Ginny Lovrich
Pulp Kitchen Catering
"...It was thanks to Zeald's 'Secrets of Website Persuasion' seminar that we realised just how important our website really was. When you think about it, your website is like an additional employee.  It's there 24/7, 365 days a year. That seminar actually caused us to re-think the benefits of using a professional website provider. We highly recommend Zeald."
Iben Young
Welcome Homes
"Absolutely revolutionary to a technophobe like me - these are simple solutions I can action."
Janelle Fisher
"Mr Sharkey was a fantastic orator and kept the pace lively and interesting."
Nelson Auto Glass Specialists Ltd

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