Brent Kelly

Brent Kelly Zeald Sales and Marketing Director

Brent is passionate about the Internet and how it can be successfully utilised by a business to make steady and ongoing improvements.

Brent is David Kelly’s younger brother and founded Zeald with David and Hamish Braddick way back in 2000. Brent has an extremely sharp intellect and a quick wit and can often be heard giving someone a hard time (in jest) around the office.

Similarly to David, Brent is also very gifted academically, athletically and musically (and according to Brent, much better looking). Brent attended Rodney College in Wellsford and represented them in many sports but left school when he was 16, against the advice of his teachers, having completed the majority of his college schooling and wanting to “get on with it”. 

He attended Massey University in Albany, achieving top marks in many different subjects including accounting, finance, management, marketing, economics, computer science and information systems. Despite many invitations from different university departments, he decided to pursue computer science and upon his graduation he received the prestigious Massey Scholar award a year after his brother David had received the same award for the same degree.

Brent then joined Hamish and David in founding Zeald. Read more about Brent’s involvement here.

Originally the company’s Research and Development Director, he still provides strategic input to our research and development programme. In addition, his current role as Sales and Marketing Director provides him with the opportunity to interact with customers and to be actively involved in establishing strategic business partnerships. He’s also no stranger to the work of our Digital Business Strategists, relishing the chance to attend any challenging sales meetings and to put forward some of his ideas!

Brent grew up near the beach at Mangawhai Heads and loves the water. He is a keen freediver and fisherman with many good catches to his name (10kg snappers and 16kg kingi’s). Brent has started running marathons over the past few years, mainly competing in the 100km Tarawera Ultramarathon which occurs annually. 

Brent and the other founders of Zeald, David and Hamish, have recently gotten into the agriculture business. They own a beef and lamb farm in Puhoi (just north of Orewa), and are known as the ‘Youtube Farmers’, having learnt all their farming skills online.

At home Brent spends time with his wife Lysette, three young boys, and new baby girl.

FUN FACT: When Brent was 10, his parents were called to a school meeting to be informed that he had an IQ that was in the top 1% of the world for his age!

About Zeald

Zeald was formed in 2001 by three young guys from the small New Zealand town of Mangawhai Heads. Now, Zeald is the largest website design and digital marketing agency in New Zealand and has recently made moves into Australia. This is the Zeald story …

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