Kamini Naidoo


Kamini is very solutions focussed, and is known for 'making it happen'.

Kamini grew up in Durban, South Africa. After moving to NZ with her family in search of better opportunities, Kamini attended Massey University and quickly became aware of the Zeald story.

Kamini has worked in many different industries such as automotive, government and tertiary education. She has embraced the spirit of kaizen (continuous improvement) in all these roles and enjoys finding more efficient ways of doing things. In the 3 years prior to joining Zeald, Kamini would drive past the Albany office on her daily commute. When her role at the time underwent a significant change, Kamini took this as a sign to move on. She thought to apply at Zeald, who were happy to have her join the team.

With her experience in account management, sales and marketing, Kamini fit perfectly into the account manager role at Zeald. She is skilled at building strong working relationships with her clients which she sees as one of her key strengths. Being the link between Zeald and her client, Kamini sees this as an important role, advocating for the client and preserving the integrity of Zeald.

When she isn’t managing accounts, Kamini loves spending quality time with her family. An afternoon at the beach enjoying icecream is a favourite.  She also enjoys cooking, being creative  and  is a  closet 'MKR' fan.

FUN FACT: Kamini once hiked down a rocky cliff face in Drakensberg without realising it was a popular Chacma baboon track. These are some of the largest of all monkeys and are often aggressive and dangerous.



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