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"With a unique collaborative approach when it comes to people management, John leads through change with clear direction, vision, purpose, and mentoring through coaching."

As the Head of Digital Consulting at Zeald, John Houma made good use of his expertise in business communications and sales management with his love for systems and processes in assisting a good number of businesses throughout New Zealand. Over two decades of professional experience in the media industry has taught him essential values that inspire his coaching and strategy. An advocate of People Leadership, his coaching style is aimed at bringing the best out of his colleagues to drive revenue results.

John is known for his winning attitude, not caring who gets the credit. He not only has big ideas but executes them, without fear of hard work. Cool, calm and collected; he runs toward fires to put it out. He also works to achieve the best for everyone– from the Business, Vendors, down to the Customers.

Since 2000, John has worn different hats in his career and efficiently filled positions such as Sales Director, National Sales Manager, Manager, Coach, Mentor, Telephone Sales Consultant, and Collections Officer. He specialises in Digital Media and Traditional Media, with experience in Telco Sales, Government Collections, and Manufacturing Sales. 2008 marks one of his career milestones, when he secured the largest online sale over the phone worth $45K of new business. This long-running history of excellence further strengthens his ability in collaborating with multiple key stakeholders, dealing with international vendors, the procurement process, recruitment, facilitating training sessions, and managing people through the regular day to day sales.

In his free time and on the weekend, John loves to spend time with his wife and three children– camping, hiking, and playing sports, particularly Rugby, Rugby League, Volleyball, and Cricket. John and his beautiful family love to explore the Great Outdoors of Aotearoa.

FUN FACT: John is an active volunteer and finds joy in using his abilities and talents to further the Lord's work. This passion is also what fuels his genuine desire to achieve fantastic results in the people and the businesses he works with.

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