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Emailing files from a Mac to a PC

Written by David Kelly on April 1st, 2008.      0 comments

The attachments I send to Windows users can't be read

  • To make files you attach to all outgoing messages "Windows-friendly," choose Edit > Attachments > Always Send Windows Friendly Attachments. To attach a Windows-friendly file to a single message, click Send Windows Friendly Attachments in the Attach dialog for that message.

    If you send attachments to Mac users with the "Windows-friendly" option selected, your attachment may be unusable or may be missing information (such as the preview icon for the file).
  • Use filename extensions, such as .doc, in the names of files you send to Windows recipients. This way the files can be read by a Windows application.

Note: Certain links that this article refers to may not be available in this context; please consult the relevant product Help guide page on your computer for full access to these links.

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Ensure that PDF files are created using distiller

All PDF files should be created using Distiller as opposed to the export function of the graphic edit software. Often a PC will not be able to read the PDF file created on a MAC that has been created without Distiller
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