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Startups & Small

We understand what it's like to start a small business; we can give advice on how best to get results within tight budgets.

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Established & Large Companies

Take your website to the next level and get some expert advice from the professionals at Zeald.

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Looking to sell online? The consultation is designed to help individuals with the crucial ‘first step’ in the establishment of an online business. 

Our marketing specialists will help you discover...

What keywords you should focus on

We can audit your website and current AdWords account.

We can help you target the right visitors and get them to your website.

what online strategies will work for you

We don't just develop websites - we're also specialists in online marketing.

We can give you objective advice on what will work for your business.
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BizRewards: Spend $25 and get $100 AdWords credit

Reach customers searching for businesses like yours with Google AdWords. We’ll even help you get started with free advertising credit.  Google AdWords are advertisements that appear next to Google's search results. Businesses advertise on Google with Google AdWords in order to gain brand exposure and attract qualified visitors to their websites.

If you open a new Google Adwords account and spend $25, you will receive a $100 credit to your account within 31 days of adding the code to your account. Find out more by talking to a Zeald Consultant. 


We focus on business results

Business results are what matter, and that's exactly what Zeald has delivered to over 10,000 businesses since 2001
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"We decided it was time to get online as it was becoming more and more apparent that people are looking for businesses online, especially in the building industry. Zeald are like a well-oiled machine, the process of moving from one phase to the next is really smooth. We’ve had a lot of feedback from people telling us how great our website looks."

Oscar Williams Adroit Builders

Google AdWords are the quickest and easiest way to get your business to the top of Google search results.

Google Adwords, put simply, is an advert that directs those who click on the ad to your website. Each time someone clicks on the advert, you get charged a cost-per-click. You set a budget for how much you are willing to pay per-click for a certain keyword; different keywords will cost more than others to say, appear on the first page. When someone searches in Google by typing in your specified keyword, your ad will display. Because you are only being charged when people click, PPC means you are only paying for people who were interested in your ad.

AdWords FAQs

What is Google Adwords?

  • Google AdWords is a service offered by Google for businesses wanting to display advertising via Google and its network. The AdWords program enables businesses to set a budget and only pay when people click the ads. The ad service is largely focused on keywords, with more commonly searched keywords being more expensive to use.

How much does it cost?

  • We have a range of different packages to suit your business. Every time your advertisement is clicked on, Google charges a fee. The average cost per click (CPC) is around $2 or less, and a daily budget is put in place to ensure you are in control of how much is spent.

Where will my ad show?

  • Your ad will be displayed next to Google search results on the internet, mobile phones, Google Maps and other partnered websites. Geographically speaking, your ad can show to people who are currently located in your region or include your location in their searches.

How do I get my $100 credit?

  • The first step is to open a Google AdWords account with Zeald. Once you've had $25 worth of clicks on your ads, Zeald will put a further $100 credit into your AdWords account to help you reach your online marketing goals.

What is a Google Partner?

  • Zeald is a premium agency partner. Having the Google Partner badge means that Google trusts our agency. We earned the badge by passing Google advertising certification exams, following best practices and delivering quality results for our clients. Though we are not part of Google, we meet their standards for agency quality and work with them to serve you better. As a member of Google Partners, we have access to tools and insights that can help us grow our business. The program also gives us a direct connection to Google; with access to special events, training and Google product updates, our agency is on the cutting edge of digital advertising. 

Join over 5,000 business owners who have learnt where their website is leaking business and how to fix it.

  • We can discuss the audit with you within 2 working days
  • If you have absolutely any questions about this service call us toll-free on 0508 932 748

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Stop guessing, get some expert advice from the professionals at Zeald.

It’s never too early or too late to get your business on track, take advantage of our years of experience and this complimentary service to get your online business on track to succeed.

David Kelly, Zeald CEO

About Zeald

Zeald was formed in 2001 by three young guys from the small New Zealand town of Mangawhai Heads. Now, Zeald is the largest SME website design and digital transformation agency in New Zealand and has clients throughout both New Zealand and Australia. This is the Zeald story …

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