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Year-End Wrap-Up: Marketing Trends, Best Practices, and Predictions for 2022

Join us for a free webinar where take a look at digital marketing trends, discuss some holiday marketing tips and set predictions for the coming year.


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Get practical guidance and actionable tips on web design, web development and digital marketing to grow and transform your business.

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Jarra Borman Agency Director

Lisa Maya Client Services Manager

Ronda Amende Agency General Manager

Nidhi Ahuja Marketing Specialist

Tom Griffiths Digital Business Strategist

John Houma Agency Director

Joshua Lewthwaite Co-Founder & CEO, Izzybots

Titus Mulquiney Senior Digital Specialist

Kim Charette-Duck Digital Business Strategist

Choose your topic of interest - learn marketing concepts and strategies in your own time.

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Zeald was formed in 2001 by three young guys from the small New Zealand town of Mangawhai Heads. Now, Zeald is the largest SME website design and digital transformation agency in New Zealand and has clients throughout both New Zealand and Australia. This is the Zeald story …

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