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Your Zeald point of contact

Your relationship manager will assist you along the way.  Throughout your journey, your relationship manager will:

Help and guide you through the entire Zeald process.

Be your single point of contact throughout your whole journey with us.  Give your relationship manager a call anytime, or leave them a message if necessary so he or she can get back to you.  

Gain a strong understanding of your business, and combine this with his or her broad knowledge of
Zeald to manage your project.  If by chance, your relationship manager does not know the answer, he or she knows where to find them.  

In the event that your relationship manager may not be available, his or her assistant may be able to help you with your concerns, making sure that your project keeps moving.

Get help

If you have any questions along the way regarding your website, the relationship management team is here to help Monday to Friday. 9AM-5PM:

Free phone. 0508 932 748 (Ext 3) talk to us
Email. (fire off your question & get back to work)


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About Zeald

Zeald was formed in 2001 by three young guys from the small New Zealand town of Mangawhai Heads. Now, Zeald is the largest website design and digital marketing agency in New Zealand and has recently made moves into Australia. This is the Zeald story …

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