Homepage with image slideshow obtains 44% more revenue in split test
As the follow on from our previous Homepage radical redesign test we really wanted to see if an animation on the homepage would help to capture visitors attention and draw them into the website, or perhaps the additional load times would serve to put people off and the animation might distract users.
11 checks for landing page optimisation
Landing Page Optimisation Use these checks or take the quiz to analyse your landing page and find areas for improvement. We recommend that you measure and Split test any change you make to ensure that they are positive.
Answer each of the questions as honestly as you can and tally the number of “Yes” responses to arrive at your score. The score will suggest just how good the page is. Then take the “No” responses and create a to-do-list of things to improve on your page


Is the design of the page professional? Does it convey quality & represent the brand?

If the page looks cluttered, if you use multicolured styled fonts and if you use any centred text choose No. If the page does not look professional it does not matter how strong your message is, visitors will not stay to read it.
Professional  Design of Landing Page


Is the main headline consistent with the message of your ad for the traffic source?

You need to ensure that the transition for the ad to page is seamless - Look at your traffic sources and and referring search engine keywords.
Is Your Headline Consistent with your Message


Is the unique selling proposition conveyed clearly and concisely?

Does it answer, What is it this about and Why should I be interested? In a 5 second test could someone tell you what the page is about?
Unique Selling Proposal


Is your landing page focussed on just one goal? free of unnecessary distractions?

A challenge for the homepage when you need to juggle multiple objectives for the entire site. But always keep the goal in mind. Focus.
Landing Page Optimisation with Zeald


Do you use relevant photos or video of your product /service being used in context?

Answer no if you are using obvious cheesey stock images.
Contextual Photos


Are you using headings and bulleted lists to convey the message clearly and concisely?

Breakup long blocks of copy.
Headings and Bullet Points to Convey Concise Messages


Are you only asking for just the essential information on your lead gen forms?

Every field in your form creates friction (be honest)
Lead Generation Forms


Is your call to action the most obvious thing on the page? Does it appear above the fold?

Use design to make the call to action stand out such as colour, size and depth.
Call to Action before the Fold


Does your call to action explicitly describe what you will receive when you click on it?

Answer no and give yourself a chinese burn if you have a submit button.
Call to Action Explicitly Describe  What you will Recieve


Are you displaying elements of trust such as testimonials or affiliations?

Make sure they are credible and real.
Testimonials and Affliations as Elements of Trust


Are you providing a strong incentive for users to take action?

Free delivery, for a limited time. etc.
Strong Incentive for Users to Take Action

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Please don't forget we are right here. We have a team experienced in achieving great results for NZ businesses. We can help you with Online Marketing, SEO, Results Consulting and more...Let us help you generate more sales and enquiries with your website.  Please talk to us
New homepage design obtains 85% more revenue in split test

Welcome to our first Split test experiment. We chose to be our first guinea pig to test our new split testing tool; and they agreed :)
Bolt of Cloth are a Christchurch based company whose store was badly affected in the earthquake and they have subsequently moved their business entirely online. We decided to look at the homepage first, because it had the greatest number of visitors and meant that we would see some quick results. There were a number of changes that we felt should be made initially to accelerate the process. We decided that the first test should be a radical redesign.

Test Objectives: Sell products that produce the greatest revenue - Based on the website ecommerce report and in consultation with the client.

Original page

Following our 11 checks for Landing page optimisation we outlined a list of points for improving the page:
Bolt of Cloth Webpage Redesign by Zeald

New page

Bolt of Cloth Website Redesign by Zeald

The results

Bolt of Cloth Website Optimisation With Zeald

This test was run using the Zeald experiments software and shows reduced information for privacy reasons

What did we learn?

  • The new Zeald split test software "Experiments" works really well :)
  • The changes made to improve the homepage were positive & the split testing backed up these educated assumptions. The new page is an obvious winner after just a few days
  • This is addictive :)

Now what?

  1. Apply the improved design to the homepage
  2. Use the improved homepage as the starting point for making minor tweaks to improve the design further
  3. Test Animated image banner and free shipping

Website Optimisation with ZealdWe want to help...

Please don't forget we are right here. We have a team experienced in achieving great results for NZ businesses. We can help you with Online Marketing, SEO, Results Consulting and more...Let us help you generate more sales and enquiries with your website.  Please talk to us
Split Testing
Split Testing
Split Testing is the single most effective way to increase the performance of your website.

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