Wunderlist: App of the week

wunderlistI’ll confess I’m one of those people who have been blessed with a good memory. I’m especially good at remembering birthdays, and I always won the chocolate fish playing the memory game at birthday parties. Not so long ago I would look at people with their to-do lists with pity. Those fools who could not remember to buy milk or what time their meeting was. Then one Christmas I got an iPhone, and suddenly there was no longer a need for my brain to store all the information I normally put into it.

I had to start making lists. However, there were no scrappy bits of paper or back of envelopes for me. I wrote my lists on my phone’s notepad and could refer to them as I pleased. However, the notepad lacked the ability to satisfyingly tick or cross out what I had achieved on my list. There had to be a better way. There was, all I needed to do was add an app.

Now all my shopping lists, work tasks and appointments are neatly organised into one little app: Wunderlist. It works across Apple, Android and desktop platforms, so your list can go with you, wherever you are. It is simple to use and beautifully designed, with several choices of backgrounds and a cleanly illustrated checklist.

You can create several lists at once, which display the number of outstanding items next to each one. Priority items can be starred and accessed from a separate tab, where you can add due dates and notes with the swipe of your finger. Any due dates entered then show up under the calendar tab. If you don’t complete them on time, those items move to the overdue tab. You can also view your to-do items for tomorrow, the next seven days, or later dates and when you have an outstanding item for the day, the app icon displays a red badge (how handy!) The Wunderlist app also syncs with the free desktop application, so your lists will update when you are on the go.

Wunderlist features include:

  • Sync across all your Devices: iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android, Windows and the Web
  • Shared Lists: Collaborate with your friends and teammates
  • Due Dates & Reminders: Never miss a deadline again
  • Recurring To-dos: Make   getting things done a habit
  • Star Items: Important to-dos are flagged
  • Add Notes & Images: For all-important details
  • Notifications: Stay in the loop with email, push and the Activity Centre
  • Action Bar: Sort, print and email your lists
  • Mail to Wunderlist: Turn your emails into actions

Did I mention it is free? You can upgrade to the Pro version for a small monthly fee if you want even more features, such as add files, including spreadsheets, assign to-do tasks, unlimited subtasks and conversations with collaborators. There is also a version for business, which allows teams to collaborate, transfer and store data.

If you are struggling keeping your life organised, my advice is to become a list taker and download Wunderlist for Apple or Android today. That way your brain will have room for remembering all those upcoming birthdays, unless you have an app for that too!

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Web Design Tips
The importance of proportions in your images

When prospective clients visit your website they want to see good quality images of your products or services. The aim is to keep them flicking through your website, so they are more inclined to buy from you. 

So when you are uploading images for your website, it is important that you take the time to make sure they are perfect. Part of this is ensuring that your proportions are the same. This is important because you want all your product images to display the same way, especially if they are in a line next to each other. Images that are different sizes all over your website, can be distracting to a prospective client who wants to compare products and services. You want to make sure clients are paying attention to the content and images, not getting annoyed by the varying image sizes for products. 

Due to the large number of products your website can potentially host and display, it is important that you correctly manage product images.

It is important that you keep the size of your product images consistent - i.e. that all your image's proportions are identical. The main reason for this, is that when your product images are displayed, both when viewing product categories, or a specific product, they display with a fixed width. This means that a long, skinny image will display much larger than a short, wide image even if they are of similar resolutions. 

pencil comparisson of image proportions

As can be seen above, the second image is displaying smaller, due to the proportions being different (height being low, when compared to the image's width), even though the images are the same resolution. (One is 500x100px, the other is 100x500px) This can be avoided by making sure all your product images have the same proportions as one another.

The easiest way to ensure your images are all of the same proportions, is to take them all on the same camera, and do not crop them before or after uploading them. 

If you do need to use images that are of different proportions, your best course of action is to crop these images to be the same proportion as your standard images.

Determining the desired proportions

  1. Find a product image that you are pleased with the way it is displaying.
  2. Open this image in the image manager by clicking on it in the product page of that product in the website manager and click edit.
  3. Then click Adjustments > Crop. Take a note of the height and the width of this image. Close the image editor without saving your changes.
How to get desired proportions in your images

The dimensions of this image are 330px x 250px. These values will give you the desired proportions of your product images.

Cropping images to your desired proportions

Once you have found your desired proportions, you can begin cropping your other product images to these same proportions. You can do this prior to importing them, using an image editing program, such as Photoshop, or free alternatives.

If your images have already been uploaded, you can perform these edits using the image editor built into our website manager. To do this, you can follow these steps:

  1. Open the product image that you wish to crop in the image editor.
  2. Click 'Advanced Editor' in the bottom right.
  3. Click on the Cropping Tool as shown. Take a note of the width of the image.
  4. Select 'Aspect ratio' from the 'Constraint' drop down menu circled above.
  5. Enter your desired proportions into the 'Width' and 'Height' fields (330 x 250, therefore Width=330, Height=250)
  6. You can now drag a cropping rectangle over your image, and choose what to crop out. Keep your cropped image as large as possible, as has been done above. 
  7. Click Save, then click Ok.
Crop your images for consistent product images

Now you're done! If you keep all of your product images at the same proportions, they will display uniformly across your site. 


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