Benefits of Setting Up Display Advertising

According to a popular marketing maxim called the Rule of 7, consumers need to be exposed to a message at least 7 times before they take action. 
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According to a popular marketing maxim called the Rule of 7, consumers need to be exposed to a message at least 7 times before they take action. 

Most consumers take their time when making a purchasing decision. The higher the price point for the item or service, the longer it usually takes for them to commit to a purchase.

You have to be smart and deliberate with how you advertise your products to ensure that you're maximising every penny you spend. In order to influence your customers’ buying decision, you need to send the right message to the right people at the right time.

Nowadays, with more people relying on online channels for information and entertainment, getting your products in front of your online customers through display marketing allows you to maximise exposure for your products in the most cost-efficient way possible.

What Is Display Advertising?


Display advertising harnesses the power of visual content such as images and animated GIFs to advertise the most relevant products and services to online consumers. 

It lets you take advantage of the Google Display network which is made up of millions of websites including Youtube, Gmail, as well as a host of partner websites and apps. Through Display Advertising, your customers can view your ads while they browse content across the web. 

What are the benefits of display advertising as part of your PPC strategy?  

Massive Display Network


The Google Display Network is made up of more than 2 million websites, videos and apps where your display advertisements can show up when visited by your potential customers. With approximately 4 Billion Google you can get your message across to virtually anyone across the globe. You can advertise to your customers while they read articles, watch videos or play their favourite online games – maximising exposure and staying on top of mind until they’re ready to purchase.

Reach new audiences who may be interested in your products


Google Display Ads allows you to advertise your products or services to people showing interest to your products or service through the keywords they use, websites they visit, and topics they’re most interested in.

Be visible to people actively searching for your products

You can reach customers who are actively searching for products similar to yours. Google keeps track of user searches and allows you to get in front of those who have previously run searches for items similar to yours. While it doesn’t allow

Remarket to existing customers


The easiest customers to sell your products to are your existing customers. Google’s advanced targeting system allows you to advertise to customers who previously purchased in your store. It also allows you to target customers who previously showed interest in your business by visiting your website, adding items to cart, or downloading your app, but have yet to make a purchase.  

Proactive form of advertising 

Unlike its Search counterpart, Display Advertising does not require users to make an online search before the ads are shown. Display ads are shown depending on the customer profile, intent and the relevance of the content of your ads. They appear across all types of devices in various formats.

Display Ad Formats

Square and rectangle


200 × 200 - Small square

240 × 400 - Vertical rectangle

250 × 250 - Square

250 × 360 - Triple widescreen

300 × 250 - Inline rectangle

336 × 280 - Large rectangle

580 × 400 - Netboard

  120 × 600 - Skyscraper

  160 × 600 - Wide skyscraper

  300 × 600 - Half-page ad

  300 × 1050 - Portrait



468 × 60 - Banner

728 × 90 - Leaderboard

930 × 180 - Top banner

970 × 90 - Large leaderboard

970 × 250 - Billboard

980 × 120 - Panorama

  300 × 50 - Mobile banner

  320 × 50 - Mobile banner

  320 × 100 - Large mobile banner


Here's a sample of what an ad looks like on mobile and desktop:






Target specific demographics

Unlike native forms of advertisement, you can select and narrow down your ad audience according to demographics. Display advertising allows you to target your ad audience according to age, gender and even parental status. 

Amplify your message and widen your reach

With Display Advertising, you gain better control over your spending by making sure that you get your advertisements to the right people in moments that truly matter. 

It lets you provide a consistent message to your customers whichever device they may be on and nurtures them as they go through the buying journey. This makes your brand more memorable and helps you stay top of mind when your customers are finally ready to make a purchase.


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