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Changes To The '.nz' Conflicted Domain Name Process

Written by Andrew Wassenaar on December 12th, 2016.      1 comments

You are most likely aware that a few years ago the New Zealand Domain Name Commission released the ‘.nz’ suffix for website domains, alongside existing versions  like ‘’ or ‘’. 

This of course has caused issues when it comes to companies trying to secure their ‘’ domain in addition to any other domains they might own. For example ‘’ and ‘’ are two different websites but they might both want the ‘’ domain. Whatever the reason behind it, whenever two or more entities wish to register the same domain name, they must go through a conflict resolution process with the Domain Name Commission. As you’d expect, this can be a lengthy process and depending on the amount of cooperation from either side, may remain unresolved indefinitely.
So what’s new? 

Well, the Domain Name Commission predicted this would happen, and back when these domain registrations were introduced they said they would review the process in a couple years time. They’ve followed through on this promise, holding a review this year and are now asking for community input on their proposal. If you are currently in a dispute over a ‘.nz’ domain or have any interest in the matter at all, we would encourage you to head over to the DNC website and submit your opinion.

Proposed Changes

We've copied the proposed changes from the DNC website below for your convenience:

The changes we (DNC) are proposing are:
  • To require all registrants involved in a conflicted domain name to lodge a preference within 12 months.  
  • To remove the option for a conflicted name to become a new second level.
  • To clarify that, in cases where all registrants have lodged a preference saying they don’t care who gets the shorter name, the conflicted name will be released for general registration.

Have your say on the proposed changes to the conflicted domain name process.


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