Defining the Target Market for your Web Page Design

Brent Kelly
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The target market is the group of people that represent the ‘bulls-eye’ of your web page design marketing efforts. The more accurately you can define your target market, the more precisely you can plan your marketing strategies. Your marketing strategies will always be more successful when created for a specific target market.

Make sure that the target market for your products or services exists on the Internet. Is your target market using the Internet and looking to buy your types of products or services online? Doing some basic research using Google should give you a fair idea of the answers to these questions.

The Internet is particularly good for niche products. Try to find niche markets and target your product there using your web page design.

Look at the broad area that you are currently focusing on and look to find a market within that area that is currently not being met. Tests can be run on the web to see what ‘keywords’ people are frequently searching on. Matching these keywords up the competition’s offerings will often reveal untapped opportunities. We recommend research using:

  • is a tool that tells you what keywords people are using for their searches and how many competing websites are targeting those keywords.

Another good way of establishing a niche market is to run a survey, either via email or paper-based, to an existing database. Also talking with people within your target market and listening carefully to what they have to say will often reveal new opportunities just waiting to be tapped.

Brent Kelly
Published on

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