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Directories can have a serious impact on the results that you achieve in the crawler-based search engines. Submitting to the directories is a good idea – but they can take a substantial amount of time to list you.  So start early!

Hamish Braddick
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Directories can have a serious impact on the results that you achieve in the crawler-based search engines.  Submitting to the directories is a good idea – but they can take a substantial amount of time to list you. So start early!

Two of the most important things that you must prepare before submitting yourself to a directory are:
  1.  An objective description of your website
    Directories will frown upon any description that seems promotional in nature and will reject your listing.  Make sure you prepare an objective, well-written description of your website before you start.
  2.  Your contact and website information
    Most directories need all the information they can get to verify that your website is authentic and relevant to the audience they cater to. When submitting your website, directories often ask for your business name, business address, website address, phone number, and the country you target. 

    Some of them also might also ask for a contact person’s name and email, which is why it pays to prepare these information ahead of time especially if you’re going to ask your staff or an independent company to do the listing for you. 

Benefits of submitting your website to directories


Submitting your website to directories offers a wide range to your business website’s discoverability and domain authority among many other things. Here are some of the benefits of website directory submission: 

Higher rankings in search engines

By submitting your websites to directories, your site will be crawled by search engines, and if the directories you submit to are known to be authoritative and reliable directories, search engines will help you rank higher in the search engines results page. 

More traffic to your website

Getting high rankings in search engines means greater discoverability for your website on search results. Customers who are looking for your business will be able to find your website with a quick Google search. 

High-quality backlinks

Submitting your website on high-quality directories ensures that you will get relevant and high-quality backlinks.

Target specific keywords

Using specific keywords in your listing lets search engines know that you have content on your website that relates to those keywords. This allows you to become more visible on search engines when potential customers use those keywords in their search.

Some of the key directories to list in are:


If you are a New Zealand-only business then submit your site to New Zealand-based directories.

Find more directories relevant to your business

Search for relevant and quality directory websites using Google. Type in the following search string. 'Directory:[keyword describing my website theme]'.  You will need to choose a very generic keyword.  For example a website selling meat to a New Zealand market could try the following searches to find relevant directories. “New Zealand” “Meat” “Butcher” “Recipes”

Keep track of your inbound links

Keep track of your list in a spreadsheet and constantly add to it. Signup for Google Alerts and then Google will notify you when they have found a new website linking to your website.

Hamish Braddick
Published on

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