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Brent Kelly
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The key search engines that you need to be aware of are (ranked in order of priority):


  • Google (
    Google is the biggest and most popular search engine on the Internet. According to Nielsen/NetRatings, as of June 2004, Google is being used by 41.6% of users on the Net!


  • Yahoo (
    Yahoo is the second-largest search engine and offers a wide range of other value-add services too. Nielsen/NetRatings reports, as of June 2004, that Yahoo is being used by 31.5% of users on the Net.


  • MSN Search (
    MSN Search is the third-largest search engine. MSN Search is very popular because it is provided as the default search engine when using Microsoft Windows. According to Nielsen/NetRatings, MSN Search is used by 27.4% of all users (remember some users use more than one search engine).


  • SearchNZ (
    SearchNZ is a specialty search engine for finding New Zealand websites.

The key directories that you need to be aware of are (ranked in order of priority):


  • Open Directory Project (
    The Open Directory Project is a free directory maintained by 65,000 volunteer editors (as at September 2004). The ODP is used by Google and some smaller search engines to provide directory results for their customers.


  • Yahoo (
    Yahoo originally started as a commercial directory before becoming a predominately crawler-based search engine in late 2002. The Yahoo Directory is maintained by a number of paid editorial staff and the results are used within Yahoo Search and many other search engines affiliated with Yahoo.

The following are currently the key NZ-based directories; they maintain their listings using paid editorial staff that ensure that the coded key words and phrases are indeed relevant search-wise to your product or service before adding to the directory:


Brent Kelly
Published on

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