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Are you after a successful Website Design for your business? One that generates a regular stream of leads and sales?

No matter what people may claim, building a successful website for your organisation is anything but simple. Designing a website is simple, but if you are after one that succeeds in generating a regular stream of leads and sales – there’s no ‘easy way’ – and pretending there is, is nothing more than a pipe dream.

How can a Zeald Web Design Consultation help?

The Zeald web design consultation is designed to remove this complexity, and paint you a clear road map of exactly what needs to be done to achieve the online success you desire.

In over 12 years of operation, we've worked with thousands of NZ businesses and run hundreds of seminars on this topic. We have researched and refined our understanding of precisely how to produce a website that generates the results NZ businesses require. 

A Zeald web design consultation is your opportunity to tap into this knowledge and understanding. There is no ‘silver bullet’ that can be applied to all businesses, so you will meet with one of our experienced e-business consultants who will look at your business in whatever level of detail you desire. They will then provide you with information specifically tailored to your business.

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What can we do for your website?

Online retail is a great way to target all geographic areas of your market, especially if you only have one shop down in Christchurch. Richard Naylor, owner of Snowride, came to us looking to improve his website sales after having a few months of slow results. Considering snow gear is predominantly a seasonal buy, Richard needed to find a way to keep bringing people back to his website even in those warm summer months. After talking with Richard, we agreed the best place to start would be to have a look at his existing website to see how it could be improved. Some of the results of this review, and the subsequent changes that we made can be seen in the image below. (click on the images to enlarge)

Old Website Design

New Website Design

orginal-snowride-web-design optimised-Zeald-website-design

Following from the changes on the website Snowride saw dramatic changes in the number of ski & snow gear sales..  Within the 90 days after their website went live, Snowride earned more than the entire 2012, this was a 161.5% increase. These results were particularly impressive as the 90 days were in summer and autumn months. (These results accurate at 24 May 2013.)

These results are already fantastic and we have not even hit the winter months yet!

Here’s how it works …

One of our experienced E-Business Consultants will come and meet with you. They will meet with you either in person or via a teleconference (depending on your location and preference) and spend a couple of hours with you in which time they will do the following:

Provide a Statement of Confidentiality

The first thing provided by the E-Business Consultant will be a statement of confidentiality. This will be done before the meeting starts. It is important that you feel comfortable talking with us. With your new business venture, you need to know that the people you are dealing with are both trustworthy and ethical. Before the meeting even starts, we will provide you with a signed statement of confidentiality guaranteeing your confidentiality on the matters discussed.

Establish a Sound Understanding Of Your Proposed Online Business

The E-Business Consultant will spend some time gaining a sound understanding of the whole concept behind your online business. They will ask lots of questions and will get you to explain exactly what you are looking to do online and how the new venture will work from an operational perspective.

Provide Objective Feedback

The E-Business Consultant will then provide you with some objective feedback as to the potential of your proposed online business. One of the hardest parts of any new venture is trying to look at the new venture objectively. The outside perspective of an experienced and trusted individual is worth its weight in gold. This one thing, by itself, is worth the small cost of the entire e-business consultation.

An Overview of Budget Requirements

One of the important parts of any new venture is to figure out early on the likely funds that will be required to get the new venture ‘off the ground’. The E-Business Consultant will give you an estimate as to the costs of developing a website for your new venture and the level of funds that are likely to be required to successfully promote the new online business.

What's covered in a consultation?

Our consultant will carefully work through each of the following areas:

  1. Market and competitor research - Make sure there is a strong market for your proposed products or services. Conduct some solid market research and seek objective outside guidance to confirm that there is strong business potential for your online concept.

  2. Strategy Review - compare your proposed website strategy against strategies that we know generate amazing results online and give you honest feedback on the strength of your strategy and any other ways that we feel it could be improved.

  3. Promotion – help you to understand relevant ways to promote your website in a way that will effectively get highly targeted traffic to visit your website.

  4. Persuasion outline – there’s no point in getting people to your website if they aren’t persuaded to do business with you – to pick up the phone or to ‘buy now’. We will highlight the important areas for you to consider to ensure that your website is relevant to your target customers, and answers their questions in a way that convinces them to do business with you!

  5. Measurement checklist – you have probably heard the quote “if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it”. But what should we measure? During the consultation, your consultant will provide a good overview of the key aspects you need to be continually monitoring to improve your online results.

  6. Prioritised checklist - the most important part of the consultation is a prioritised checklist, which will tell you the key things to look at, in the order of importance.

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"I found the Website Consultation that Oliver Harris came to do very helpful and informative. Since that Consultation I've gone on to purchase a Zeald website myself. I can definitely recommend these Consultations to anyone who is looking to improve a current website or set up a new website. Actually I've already referred Zeald to several companies."

Colin McGinley
"Jill Farrimond came to see me for a Website Consultation which was really useful on all accounts. Jill was absolutely fantastic and she had a really good depth of knowledge about websites. She was very enthusiastic and explained things well - so well in fact that I've since made the decision to invest in a Zeald website."

Jo Hogan

Whatever you do… Do not skip any steps in an attempt to ‘fast-track’ the process!

Pausing to take a breath when you are excited about a new online business concept can be one of the hardest things in the world to do. Do not be tempted to simply skip through the first important step.

Remember; if you are selling something online that no one wants then it doesn’t matter how good or bad your website is. It doesn’t matter how effective your promotion is.  It doesn’t matter how persuasive your website is. Your online business will still be a complete and total failure!

You can save yourself years of heartache and disappointment by pausing to take a breath. Getting some honest advice and feedback from someone who knows what they are talking about, can be the best thing in the world for you at this crucial stage.  It can set you firmly on the track to success or turn you away from a roads that leads to disappointment.

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