The Zeald Process

zeald process

Zeald has a unique process known as the seven steps to website success. We partner with you to help you realise your business dream. So rather than work with a jack-of-all-trades, each step of the process is performed by a highly-skilled specialist.

The first step is to identify exactly what you need your website to do and how you want your new website to be configured.

Your Zeald Consultant will help you discover what is possible and what you need to create your tailored website solution. At this stage your Consultant will generate you a proposal, which will include a quote. The discover phase is the first step and foundation in the Zeald Seven-Steps to Success process. We have carefully designed and refined this seven-step process to take you through the key steps required to generate results online.

Learn about your business goals together & map out how we will succeed online

To create an online business plan and establish the framework for your website.

Design the look & feel of your website and the layout for your homepage

​So you have a design that is results focused that reflects the unique identity of your business.

Develop your design into a functioning website connected to the content management software (CMS)

So it looks just like your design ready to load and configure to go live.

Source and load the content for your website to get it ready to go live

So that it is better than the website you have already

When ready you have the power to hit the launch button, connect the domain name, and open for business. We are here to support you along the way.

So that the website is available to the public and the search engines

Continuous review to tune the design

The more time we spend planning and designing the greater the results.

How we are different

Most website companies are small, and have just one or two people doing everything, from planning and design, to development and support. Some might even try to squeeze in customisations, search engine optimisation, email marketing, and Adwords, which doesn’t leave much time for research and development.  You can start to see how this approach often fails small business owners.
two approaches
Because we are a large organisation that works with a large number of businesses, Zeald have a team of highly skilled people, who are specialists in their field. We have a team responsible for planning your website; a team responsible for designing your website; a team dedicated to building your website; a customisation team; a results and promotion team; a whole team working on improving our product so it is sustainable. The result is one awesome website for your business.

You will have access to our team of specialists, with the convenience of working with a central preferred contact (Project Coordinator). Their job is to organise and introduce you to the brilliant genius of our website specialists.

"Every commercial website I have ever seen has one major objective… to generate results!”- David Kelly (Zeald CEO)

In the very early days, we thought that the major objective of just about every prospective website owner was to establish a website that looked good and functioned well from a technical perspective. For three years, we went out and met with quite literally hundreds of business owners that were looking to setup a new website.  Just about every time we met with a business owner the feedback we got was:

“We want a website that generates results.”  “We want a website that sells.”  “We want a website that generates lots of new business.”

So in 2003 we made a big bold decision. We decided to start doing everything we possibly could to assist our customers in generating amazing results using a professional website. As a result, we significantly changed our whole approach to designing and developing professional websites. And that was the start of an amazing journey that has seen the company grow into one of the largest website design and e-business consultancy companies in New Zealand.

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The two ‘P’s of website success

Zeald has a unique process for designing and developing high performance professional websites.There are two key things that determine whether a website succeeds or fails. We like to call these two things: the two ‘p’s of website success.  Here they are:

  1. Promotion

    The first thing that determines the success of a website is its promotion. How effectively is the website being promoted? The more effective the promotion, the more people will visit the website.

  2. Persuasion

    The second thing that determines the success of a website is its persuasion. How effectively is the website persuading its visitors to take action? How effectively is the website persuading its visitors to take the action that the website owner wants the visitors to take?

These two things (working together) determine whether a website succeeds or fails. If your web promotion is poor, then very few people will visit your website. If a website is not ‘persuasive’ then very few people will be persuaded to take action.

Persuasion is the foundation

If you are looking at establishing a new website then the first thing you should be focusing on is ‘persuasion’.  Here is what we mean by that: Your number one goal as a prospective website owner should be primarily to establish a new website that is extremely persuasive! A website that persuades its visitors to take action. Once that first step is completed and you have a persuasive website, then and only then, should you start to look to promote your website. Many, many people fall into the trap of focusing on promotion too early. They spend lots of money on promoting their website and watch in sorrow as the website fails to persuade anyone to buy, or show any interest in whatever it is they are promoting.