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Our Digital Marketing Tactics


For businesses who want to raise awareness of their products or services

This is designed to help businesses connect with potential clients across a range of sites when they are checking feeds, reading news, or watching videos.

This is called a Stimulative Marketing Strategy as it boosts awareness of your offers.

When you purchase Display from Zeald, you are presenting your brand to a highly targeted set of potential customers with Digital Display Ads when the customers are looking at content online.

This tactic allows you to define your target audiences and ensure they are seeing a specific marketing message from you whenever your customers are online across a range of website platforms.


For businesses who want to re-capture customers who viewed their offer but did not complete the desired action

Remarketing is all about helping maximise your return on investment (ROI) on existing website traffic. At Zeald, we make the most of every customer touchpoint. We understand that anyone who visits a site, shop, page, etc. has the intent to buy, maybe not right now, but in the future. The beauty of Remarketing is they're always looped into the buying process and that is often a critical part of ensuring that businesses get good ROI on their marketing efforts.


For businesses who want to nurture interest in their products or services

This Tactic includes email marketing and content marketing under this service. It is designed to help businesses nurture their leads by creating personalised content that will give more value to their audience and improving sales by reaching the right people at the right time and platforms.

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For businesses who want to connect with potential customers who are actively searching for similar products and services

This Tactic is designed to help businesses connect with potential customers when they are actively looking for products or services on search engines. We will help you target people who are in buying mode. This is a combination of Google Ads and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) which helps you appear in multiple places on a Google Search Result page. The exact mix of services in your search product will be determined by a Marketing Specialist and can change over time to suit your changing needs.


For businesses who want display their products or services on platforms where users are in 'buying' mode

Product syndication helps you magnify your reach by placing your products on other channels like Facebook catalogue and Google shopping. We are able to follow potential customers wherever they are by running dynamic product remarketing on Facebook. The Google shopping component also gives us a live set of products that allows you to have image-based search as part of your program making for a more effective conversion journey.


For businesses who want to turn "Intent to Buy" into key business outcomes like sales or leads

These bottom-of-the-funnel strategies are often overlooked because marketers are focused on acquisition rather than retention. With this service, we will help turn your websites, landing pages, and Messenger conversations with potential visitors into converting leads. We create compelling copy on your websites and landing pages that drive the point home and build hyper-personalised 1:1 conversations on Messenger.

Need more than one Digital Marketing Tactic? Then Smart Marketing is for you!

Smart Marketing Program is designed to allow clients access to Zeald's full range of services. This solution lets you switch between a selection of website and marketing optimisation services based on your current business goals, the market condition, and other relevant factors. It's the perfect solution for growing businesses with constantly changing needs.

Our Smart Marketing Program comes in varying levels. Each higher level provides an increased volume of monthly access to specialist marketing skills, products and services. This allows work on different areas of the conversion funnel, or targets more than one area depending on the campaign and channel.

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Our Clients Say

We were able to use some of their great design but we also had results coming through. Basically, we started from new again and our organic listing went up really well because we had great projects with search engine optimisation and that coming through. As a result, our website traffic and conversions have gone up tremendously by over 500%.

Andrea Hattam | CEO, ErgFit

When we first went with Zeald, we really didn't know what to expect. It was our first ecommerce website. Tom recommended that we have a look at doing Google Marketing. We've been doing that for 2 months now and the results have been brilliant. We've hit our target already, if that continues it will be money and time well spent in doing that.

Nick Swift | Fourflax, Operation Director

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