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"A unique organisation with the finesse of an agency but the horsepower of a factory."

As New Zealand’s largest and most experienced web company, we are devoted to the online marketing and digital transformation of SMEs. Zeald has helped digitally transform more than 15,000 SME businesses in NZ with rapid, radical digital evolution.

We offer more than technology and use our knowledge and expertise to provide diverse digital marketing services for the design, development, and management of professional websites.

The world, as we all knew it, ended in March 2020.  Covid-19 is not going to be gone in a few weeks, or a few months.  The world is never going to be the same.  The world has changed forever.  For SME businesses the key question is now, "How do I rapidly and radically transform my business and adapt, evolve and survive in this new market environment?".  This is what we do.    


We are NZ's largest and most experienced website design and digital transformation agency.  We specialise in rapid and radical digital evolution and have helped over 15,000 SME businesses both survive and thrive.  If your business is not online but urgently needs to be, we can help.  If you're already online, but are falling off a cliff due to Covid-19, and need to rapidly adapt and evolve, we can help.   If your business has exploded and you need urgent assistance in reengineering digital processes and implementing efficiencies to cope with the growth, we can help.

Company History

Zeald was formed in 2001 by three young guys from the small coastal town of Mangawhai Heads.

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The Zeald Process

Zeald has an extremely powerful process for helping businesses to achieve rapid & radical digital transformation.

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Why choose Zeald?

The right strategy will vary between businesses in light of rapidly changing public health mandates, pandemic outbreaks, and customer behaviours. Companies in NZ are now operating under new circumstances since 2020, and we understand that many do not know how to adapt to these new changes.

If your business has been impacted in ways that have seen its growth skyrocket or plummet, We can help. We will provide you with support and aid you in finding the right website solutions that have the most value for your business and its unique requirements in this new market environment.

We have also processed more than $2billion through our proprietary ecommerce platform ZEST, and upskilled more than 50,000 people through our education programmes, be it seminars, webinars, workshops, digital skills training, and internships.


Zeald pioneered early e-commerce in New Zealand, developing their own enterprise-level,ecommerce platform ZEST in the mid-2000s. Zeald's ZEST platform features both simple and advanced content management options, full-featured ecommerce solutions and, with a range of technologies, makes integration of wider digital systems possible for its clients.

This cloud-based ecommerce engine enables B2C and B2B businesses of varying size to trade online and to sell products and services over Facebook, Google and the web. Being tech-agnostic means Zeald also supports other website platforms such as WordPress and Shopify.

Our Mission

The digital landscape is an essential part of everyday life, where customers often work, connect with others, learn new information, engage with media, and shop for what they need. Businesses that have an online component have a huge opportunity to increase their sales and growth by tapping into how customers spend time online.

At Zeald, it is our mission and vision to enable SME businesses to digitally evolve and succeed, leaving a lasting positive impact in their lives as much as their businesses. Regardless of budget, size, or ability, we are here to complement the way you do business and advise you in getting better, smarter results online

Our Values


Everything is constantly changing within the digital space. That's why we focus our collective strengths on developing new ways to use digital to help businesses progress through innovative solutions, strategies, and technologies.


It is our goal to help businesses transform and adapt to the changing marketplace and the way customers interact with businesses online. Doing so also helps us leave a positive impact in our clients' lives.

Social Responsibility

Our vision of seeing New Zealand businesses transform also seeps into our local communities. We assist the wider community by creating social impact and support for small businesses, startups, and charities.

Superior Quality & Value

Customer satisfaction with what we deliver is important to us. We delight our customers by consistently providing services, products, and other offerings that are superior quality and have the highest value for their digital marketing and business objectives.

Integrity, Empathy & Respect

Every action we take with clients keeps integrity, empathy, and respect in mind. We work together with clients with empathy as if they are part of our own team, and as if their business needs are our own. We operate with the greatest level of integrity and credibility, and are transparent every step along the way. We interact with clients respectfully and recognise the hard work both Zeald and our clients put into the work.


As a company, we've been around for more than 20 years, so it should come as no surprise that progression is an important factor we like to keep in mind when we do business. Valuing innovation and transformation, we strive to always look forward and towards new opportunities within the digital space.

Digital Cluster Initiative

A joint initiative by Zeald and Bank of New Zealand

Paul Conway (formerly BNZ) and David Kelly (Zeald) share their vision for Kiwi businesses and communities, and how a new economic development model using digital transformation and collaboration through “clustering” has the power to transform the New Zealand economy.

The Digital Cluster Initiative is an innovative, practical initiative that aims to lift productivity and wellbeing of small businesses through digital transformation of whole business networks in Aotearoa. 

The goal is business growth through ecommerce sales and digital marketplaces in domestic and export markets. Businesses will benefit by collaborating and building scale, together. 

Created in partnership by Zeald and BNZ, this initiative is part of our commitments as Digital Boost Alliance members.

For more information, visit: www.digitalclusters.nz