• Minimise travel wherever possible.
  • Encourage all staff when travelling to work to walk, cycle or use public transport if possible.  We provide a secure bike rack to encourage cycling. 
  • When flying, wherever possible try to fly at the busiest times to maximise the efficiencies of fuel in use on any given flight.
  • Where company or rental vehicles are required, give a preference to hybrid or diesel options.
  • Encourage our remote based staff to meet via video and web conferencing to minimise travel requirements.


  • Purchase the right tool for the job – research before purchasing.
  • Purchase electronic versions of software online and download to reduce packaging and transportation costs.
  • Utilise VPN’s (virtual-private-networks) to support staff and partners in accessing company infrastructure from home.
  • Utilise sophisticated VOIP (voice over ip) systems and instant messaging (jabber) to maximise staff efficiency and minimise the costs associated to remote staff.
  • Encourage the use of open-source software.


  • Where possible use energy efficient hardware.
  • Utilise power saving options wherever possible on all hardware.
  • Tint office windows to increase the efficiency of air conditioning systems.


  • Maintain an awareness of the principals of waste minimisation.
  • Reuse all paper within the office as many times as possible.
  • Use double-side printing whenever possible.
  • Recycle all paper, cardboard, plastic, glass and printer toners.


  • Use water saving devices on all taps and shower heads to reduce flow-rate.
  • Use a reticulated water system where all showers, toilets and basins utilise water collected off the office roof from rainfall.

About Zeald

Zeald was formed in 2001 by three young guys from the small New Zealand town of Mangawhai Heads. Now, Zeald is the largest website design and digital marketing agency in New Zealand and has recently made moves into Australia. This is the Zeald story …

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