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Let us reward you for introducing people to Zeald! 

At Zeald, a good portion of our business comes through referrals and word-of-mouth - it's the way we like to do business! As we continue to develop and grow, we would like that to continue. That's why we need you!

Sign up to the Zeald Supporters Club today and make a referral.  We will pay you (or your company, or any nominated charity) $50 for each qualified new referral you pass on to us, regardless of whether or not the referral results in a new customer for us.  In addition, we will pay you (or your company, or any nominated charity, or the actual company/organisation you referred) a further amount of $350 on signing of an initial contract (valued at $5000+GST or more) with the new customer as a result of that qualified referral that you gave us.

Guide to making referrals:

What do I get if I refer?
You will receive $50 for every new qualified referral you make, regardless of whether it results in a sale. Alternatively, either your company, a nominated charity or the company/ organisation you refer may receive the payment.

Who can I refer?
Anyone you have a relationship with (friends, family members, or business associates) that you think could benefit from our services.

How do I refer?
Simply head over to our 'Refer a Friend' page, fill in the details, and we do the rest. Make sure to include your details in the referrer section, so we can make sure you are rewarded.

How do I know if my referral turns into a sale?
A member of our accounts team will be in touch with you about your payment. Alternatively, if you are close to your Zeald contact, you can ask how the referral is progressing, or you can email

How do I find out more about the Supporter's Club?
You can find out more about being a supporter by reading the Supporters Agreement on the Zeald website.
Supporters Club Zeald
  • If people you refer purchase off us, how would you like to receive your referral fee?

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