Supporters Agreement

This agreement is between:

  1. Zeald Limited (Zeald, “we” or “us”), and
  2. You (Affiliate, Supporter, “you” or “yourself”) (the Parties)


  1. Zeald is a website design and development, content creation and administration, conversion rate optimisation, online marketing and e-business consultancy company.
  2. The Supporter knows, or from time to time may become aware of businesses or organisations which could benefit from Zeald’s products and services.
  3. The Supporter wishes to refer such businesses or organisations to Zeald.
  4. Zeald wishes to encourage the Supporter to make such referrals and to reward the Supporter for referrals that result in a sale of Zeald’s products and services.
  5. This agreement governs the relationship between the Parties.


  1. Supporter to refer prospects to Zeald
    The Supporter will from time to time refer prospects to Zeald.
  2. Normal referral methods to be used by the Supporter
    You may refer prospects to us using by:
i.  Direct referral
You may invite a prospect to contact your Zeald representative directly and then register that prospect via phone or through the online form provided on the Zeald website at the following location:

ii. Indirect referral
You may register a prospect you know via phone or through the online form provided within the Zeald website at the following location:

  1. Additional referral methods that may be used by the Supporter
    If you have your own website or are a frequent user of business related e-mail you may choose to use additional referral methods:

a)  Linking from your website to the Zeald website
You may place a banner, classified advertisement or full web page that links to the Zeald website on your website. We will track any new prospects resulting from these links.

b) Including in your e-mails – a link to the Zeald website
You may include a banner or classified advertisement that links to the Zeald website in your e-mails. We will track any new prospects resulting from these links.

c) Linking from your Facebook page or Twitter feed to the Zeald website
You may place a promotion that links to the Zeald website on your Facebook page or within a Twitter tweet. We will track any new prospects resulting from these links.

  1. Active promotion of Zeald by the Supporter
    There is no obligation on the Supporter to actively promote Zeald. If you wish to undertake any promotional activity to generate a larger number of prospects, this activity must first be approved by the Zeald marketing department.
  2. Supporter Fees
    The supporters club is very valuable to us as we prefer to work through referrals rather than other forms of prospecting. Accordingly, we recognise your contribution to our business by paying $50 (GST exclusive) per qualified new referral, payable whether or not a contract is signed. In addition, we pay a further sum of $350 (GST exclusive) on signing of an initial contract (valued at $5000+GST or more) with the new customer as a result of a qualified referral that is less than 6 months old.  The referral fee will be paid in New Zealand dollars if the referral originates from within New Zealand, and in Australian dollars if the referral originates from within Australia.  Referrals originating from countries other than New Zealand and Australia will be paid in New Zealand dollars. 

    You can instruct us to have the supporters fee paid directly to yourself or to an authorized Zeald charity.
  3. Payment Terms
    To keep the paperwork simple – we settle all fees on a monthly payment cycle.
  4. Our Commitment to You
    We undertake to you that we will follow through on all referrals in a prompt and professional manner. We want your contact to thank you for introducing you to us!
  5. Required Disclosures
    It is important that you comply with all relevant law, including any applicable secret commissions and privacy legislation , and, when required, disclose to referred customers that you will receive benefits as a result of the referral to Zeald.
  6. Tracking
    We take responsibility for tracking all referrals made by our Supporters.  If you have any questions about any referral you have made, please contact your Zeald contact or email
  7. Term of this Agreement
    There is no specific term to this agreement, or obligation on you to refer a minimum number of potential customers to Zeald. Either Party may terminate this agreement at any time by written or e-mail notice to the other.
  8. Updates to this Agreement
    Zeald may update this Agreement at any time, by posting the updated terms on its website and notifying the Supporter by e-mail. Continued referral by the Supporter of prospects to Zeald constitutes acceptance of the updated terms.

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Zeald was formed in 2001 by three young guys from the small New Zealand town of Mangawhai Heads. Now, Zeald is the largest website design and digital marketing agency in New Zealand and has recently made moves into Australia. This is the Zeald story …

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