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How Create Renovations got to page 1 of Google in 8 weeks!*

Create Renovations, was started by husband and wife team, Cameron and Michelle. Prior to Zeald, they had no online presence, not even a 'coming soon' website page. Because of this, they were focussed on getting their website up quickly, so that they could begin to generate leads as soon as possible. 

Cameron is no stranger to renovation, he has been renovating houses for 15 years, and is incredibly experienced. The idea behind Create Renovations came from Cameron's desire to provide people with all the access they might need for renovating their own property. This ideology was a key message that he and Michelle wanted to present to their customers.  

Renovation companies are quite common in a country with the 'number 8 wire' philosophy. This meant that the Zeald team was tasked with creating a website that highlighted why customers should choose Create Renovations over others in an extremely competitive market. 

The Solution

Zeald suggested the Website Optimisation Programme, which would ensure Create Renovations had the best head start for their new business. This service includes help from Zeald's Results team who would assist with conversion pathway, Google AdWords and project management.

The Strategy

It was important to attain Create Renovate's two main goals; to generate leads, and to build trust and credibility. Through this, they would be able to demonstrate that they were a thorough 'end to end' service, and that they were an approachable and educated team.

New Website
Scroll Mapping Tool

Zeald Web Design Create Renovate

Zeald CreateRenovate Heatmap case study

And the results are ...*

One month after the website went live, there was engagement above expectations. 

White = 100% visitor engagement
Red = 50-75% visitor engagement
Blue = 0 -25% visitor engagement 

This was very encouraging, as the white sections were key sections of information about Create Renovate's processes. You will also notice that there was not much, if any blue sections, which means that on average, people were engaged with the website. 

In addition, a month after launch, there had been 136 contact us page loads, and 24 enquries (not including phone calls).

With help of the Results Specialists team, Create Renovate started to make excellent progress in Google results:

Week 1: Page 12
Week 2: Page 7
Week 6: Page 2
Week 8: Page 1

Create Renovate are now at a stage where they have turned off Google AdWords because the results generated from their website in the search engines organically, brings in more than enough business. 

create renovate enquiries Zeald

While the website has not long been live, the results are already promising. 

* The samples used in this case study are for illustration only. We do not accept any liability for the information provided on this page or for the consequences of any actions taken on the basis of the information provided. Each case study sample is unique and the website in the case study sample may have been customised or may have been optimised by the purchase of product options.

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