Italy Masks

Italy Masks teamed with Zeald to increase their conversion rate by 148%  within a month!


Allan from Italy Masks was having trouble penetrating the market and gaining market share. The market was flooded with low quality products, Italy Masks could not compete on price but they knew their product was of much higher quality.

Having worked on Italy Mask for Allan before, it was a dream for the team to continue working with him. 

The Solution

Creating the right brand image and real point of difference was needed in order to achieve Allan's needs. The brand needed to reflect the high quality product Italy Masks was selling, and this needed to be shown throughout the website and in their marketing material. 

It was also important to improve the user experience, to make shopping an easy and enjoyable experience coming back to that high quality idea. 

Overall, the website really needed to sell the high quality aspect, that Allan and his team sells the most high quality, aesthetically pleasing masks. 

The Strategy

Italy Masks by Zeald

The most visible change, was to add images really showcasing the aesthetics and quality of the masks. As we wanted to target an audience interested in quality, great images were incredibly important.

It was important to the team, and Allan to make the website more usable. To do this we added an accessible search bar and a simple horizontal menu to the top. 

We also added simple icons and information to show customers that there was free express shipping in the US and  Canada, and that they would receive it in 3-5 working days. This works to alleviate any worries that a customer may have that their desired mask will not arrive in time for that last minute cocktail party they are invited to.

It was important to get people looking the whole way through the landing page. By adding more pictures throughout the page we increased the time customers spent on the page and the more often they would click through. This was important as the more pages people click through, and time they spend on their website; the more likely they will convert to a sale.

Testimonials add credibility and trust to a website, so we added some great testimonials of clients as well as photos of them enjoying themselves. For a website selling a product that is not the average purchase, testimonials add some relief to a customer who may be finding themselves in a first time mask buying experience. 

 After Italy Masks website redesign by Zeald

And the results are ...*

While the website has not long been live, the results are already promising. 

148% increase in conversion rate
233% increase in orders
205% increase in revenue
33% increase in traffic 

These results are fantastic, and while they are only from the first month, they show real potential. Now that Italy Masks has their beautiful masks truly on show, their future will certainly be bright.

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