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king seeds websiteHow Kings Seeds had their most profitable June in their sales history!*

Kings Seeds is New Zealand’s biggest online seed distributor and is based in Katikati. In the 1990’s Kings Seeds just had an annual catalogue. These days, their email campaigns go out to over 40,000 people.

Since being with Zeald in 2008, Kings Seeds came back to us in 2014 looking for a redesign. Redesigns are important for every website, as after 4-5 years, even the best looking website can start to tire. Thankfully, by having a Zeald website, it was easy to skin the existing website with minimal stress, and at a fraction of the cost.

Why Kings Seeds  came back to Zeald

Kings Seeds wanted to increase sales and improve the online experience they were offering their customers. They knew that they could offer their customers exceptional knowledge and advice, all they needed was a passionate audience. 

The Strategy

The Zeald team felt strongly about highlighting Kings Seeds' extensive gardening knowledge throughout the redesign. As New Zealand’s biggest online seed distributor, customers should feel that they are buying from the best. The team also wanted to improve the usability of the website, so that customers would be able to find the right products, in the right season. 

To do this, Kings Seeds undertook the Website Optimisation Programme. This included products and services such as; responsive design, email marketing, results consulting, and abandoned cart recovery.

What happened

Kings Seeds already had a large amount of information available to their customers, Zeald wanted to make this type of content more visible. They did this by introducing easier access to the educational resources that were already there, and encouraging Kings Seeds to keep generating fantastic content for their audience.

Zeald also suggested highlighting the most relevant product for the week/month for people who were not seasonal savvy. This was achieved by adding suggestive search, and improving the navigation options.

kingsseeds Redesign by Zeald

Email marketing

When it came to King Seeds' email marketing, the focus was once more on sharing knowledge and emphasising that they were a leader in gardening. It was also important to create a strong call to action. With this, Zeald suggested offering monthly specials in the emails, with clear pathways that customers could follow back to the website.

email marketing redesign

And the results are ...*

After undertaking the Website Optimisation Programme and complete redesign, Kings Seeds had the best June in their sales history, with 14.5% increase in sales. 

With help on their email marketing, July became Kings Seeds most profitable email marketing send in their history, with the conversion rate at 4% (conversion rate 3.8% in July 2013). 

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