How Molecheck increased their online enquiries by 141.97% in less than 90 days with a customised website optimisation programme*

Molecheck is by far the best solution on the market for mole & melanoma examinations, their techniques have been internationally recommended. The website was already producing a steady stream of enquiries, but in a competitive market, Molecheck wanted to outshine the competition, who were much more aggressive with their marketing. Molecheck wanted to know how they could better explain what made them a market leader, and in turn, convert more website visitors into Molecheck bookings.

The Solution

Using Zeald’s Website Optimisation Process, Molecheck were not only able to identify areas in their website that were reducing conversions, but their complete redesign and content overhaul addressed all of these weaknesses.

The Strategy

To help Molecheck increase their conversion rate we completed a rigorous Discovery stage which included: interviews, research, heat mapping, and analytics.

This Discovery stage allowed us to make educated recommendations that were likely to increase Molecheck’s customer success rate.

From the research conducted, we found that women were the clients who booked the appointments for both themselves, and their families. On the website front, the heat map demonstrated that customers were engaging with images of moles and freckles. Visitors also tended to stay away from large content blocks, which they deemed to much effort to read.


  • The website already had excellent content, but old design and messy layout resulted in “content blindness” - where people didn’t read anything which they deemed too much effort.
  • Heat mapping told us that visitors were highly engaged by images of moles and freckles and were highly likely to read that kind of content
  • Booking an appointment was ambiguous, just done via standard enquiry form

From this we put together a conversion plan which formed the basis of our copywriting, wireframe & design preferences.

And the results are ...

Before taking up the Website Optimisation Process, Molecheck's enquiry rate was not reaching its potential. After we had worked our magic, we had more than doubled it! From 1.9% (1 May 2012- 21 July 2012) to 4.6% (1 May 2013 - 21 July 2013) , that's an increase of 141%!


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