Business floods in from plumbing company’s new website

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“In the first month alone, our turnover
was up 3 times the cost of the
website construction!"

Redsea Plumbing



One short month after launching its website, plumbing business Redsea Plumbing had recuperated all website construction costs (three times over) through extra business.

Eighteen months down the track, the website is an integral piece of Redsea’s marketing with more than 1,000 visitors each month coming from as far afield as the United Kingdom.

Client background

Redsea Plumbing was co-founded by brothers, Greg and David Neumann, who collectively have more than 30 years experience in the plumbing industry. It offers a wide range of fully guaranteed plumbing, gasfitting and drainlaying services – from small maintenance jobs to complete bathroom renovations.

The solution

Prior to enlisting Zeald’s expert help, Redsea didn’t have a website. What they did have was an awareness of how important company websites had become in terms of searching the internet to research and purchase products and services.

A fortuitous meeting at a networking breakfast with one of Zeald’s eBusiness Consultants helped David realise the true value a company website could offer.

As a service based business, Redsea required a website that would generate enquiries and ultimately increase sales – something Zeald’s ePromotion website fulfills.

The results

“The website has had a significant impact on our business,” says Greg. “In the first month alone, our turnover was up 3 times the cost of the website construction."

“Also, lots of customers tell me they’ll only employ companies with websites and that our website is the best and most professional plumbing site they’ve seen.”

Greg and David have been astounded by the number of national and international enquires the website has generated. Just recently, Greg’s sister-in-law rang from Whangarei to tell him that when she googled ‘Whangarei plumbing’, Redsea Plumbing was one of the top websites that came up. Online enquiries for plumbing jobs across New Zealand have become common so Redsea is looking at expanding to offer a nationwide plumbing service. Further proof of the website’s wide reach are Australian and Iraqi customers who have hired Redsea to carry out plumbing jobs on their Auckland homes.

Additional sales are, without a doubt, the biggest benefit of the website, but it’s by no means the only one.

“The website has raised awareness of Redsea in the marketplace and reinforced our professional image,” explains Greg.

Simply the best

When it came to website design and function, Zeald’s experience was invaluable.

“Aside from wanting a clean and crisp look, we really had no idea what we wanted. Zeald came to the rescue showing us dozens of website examples from which we chose our favourite aspects to create our ultimate website,” says Greg.

Once the overall design and layout had been finalised, it took just a week for Redsea to load the content and a week later the website was up and running.

David is responsible for the website’s maintenance and says ease of use is one of the best aspects of the Zeald created site. “It’s just so simple to manage when you want to upload new content or change anything. In the 18 months we’ve had the website, I’ve only had to contact Zeald once for help and they sorted me out straight away,” he says.

“The reporting function that the website has is incredible. It produces statistics about where visitors come from – not just geographically but how they found our site, for example, whether they entered our web address directly or were referred from another website like or search engine like Google.”

The reporting function is a standard feature of all Zeald websites and enables clients like Redsea to see what’s working, what’s not and then tailor the website accordingly.

David is keen to emphasise Redsea’s plumbing maintenance expertise so is currently looking at ways to enhance that webpage and redirect website traffic from other areas of the site.

“Zeald is cutting edge – the very best that there is,” Greg concludes.

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