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"Results Consulting service enabled Peace Pillows to perfect the website based on fact rather than instinct."


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A hard-working website that delivers sales was the clear brief from Peace Pillows. And while Zeald’s eCommerce product was the perfect match, the real benefit has been in Zeald’s additional Results Consulting service. Results Consulting service has helped this specialist company get a top-ranking search-engine presence and orders from around the world.

Client background

Husband and wife team Steve and Elaine Bennett launched Peace Pillows in 2003. A practicing Osteopath, Elaine has designed a range of high quality memory foam pillows that support the neck facilitating a good night’s sleep. The popular Peace Pillows are sold through their Osteopathy and Acupuncture Clinic on the North Shore, and via their website.

The solution

After a poor experience with an alternative website provider, Steve turned to Zeald. He wanted a high-performing eCommerce website which would form the primary sales channel for the business.

With the help of a Zeald eBusiness Consultant, Steve created the new website which now showcases a wide range of products all designed to improve posture and aid sleep. It also features educational videos, customer testimonials and related health tips which make for one of Zeald’s most successful client case studies.

Steve says he thoroughly enjoyed the process of creating a new website, and appreciated the expertise Zeald provided. “It made such a difference having a professional web expert guide us through every stage. In many ways, a website is like the four walls of a shop - but there’s a lot more to it than having a load of stock! Zeald provided excellent direction and really took an interest in our business.”

Results Consulting Service

Upon establishing the new website, Steve wanted to be sure that the content was 100 per cent relevant for their visitors. Steve explains, “If we got it right, we knew it would increase our conversion rate.”

Zeald’s Results Consulting add-on service enabled Steve to perfect the website based on fact rather than gut instinct. “Initially we tussled with what type of content to feature on the home page. Should we pack in as many whizz-bang features and benefits up front, or lead with a simple, clear proposition?”

Two different versions of home pages were trialled using the Results Consulting service. It quickly revealed which pages visitors were reading more, how long they were spending on each page, and whether they proceeded to the check out or not. “Based on these findings, we discovered that customers preferred the simple home page and were very interested in the educational content.”

These results have since set the tone for the company’s advertising across other media such as TV and radio. Steve says he got more than he bargained for: “Results Consulting service provided us with instant market research that has since affected everything we do. Our marketing is now more focused on the professional expertise behind the product design.”

Another area that Steve values is the ongoing service provided by Zeald.  It’s about getting the very most out of the investment.”

The results

Steve concludes: “We offer a niche product in a very specialised industry and do not sell through retail. It is so important that our website is as powerful as possible.

“We now have about 50 per cent of sales coming through the website and the remaining 50 per cent through our clinic. It’s proven to be a cost effective, wide reaching sales channel considering the minimal outlay.

“The great thing about our website is that we can keep fine-tuning it, make sure it’s always up to date, and know that any changes we make are for the better.”

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