Guy Eaden
Guy discusses how a Zeald website has helped his business.
"We decided it was time to get online as it was becoming more and more apparent that people are looking for businesses online, especially in the building industry. Zeald are like a well-oiled machine, the process of moving from one phase to the next is really smooth. We’ve had a lot of feedback from people telling us how great our website looks."
Oscar Williams
"I am writing to thank you and congratulate you and your team on developing our new Bartercard website. I am really impressed with the look and feel of the site and while I understand our marketing team has had a lot of input into what they wanted the site to do, they tell me your team has been exceptional to deal with. Specifically the response times from suggested changes to implementation of those changes has been excellent. I can see now why Zeald is the leading website development company in the country. Please pass on my congratulations to the team involved in our website development and to your wider team who can be proud to be part of such a great organisation. Keep up the great work, you are making a difference one website at a time."
Paul Bolte
"Our prime motivation was to list the market profile for the new venture, and to get my name out there; having a place for prospective clients to get more information. Zeald had a comprehensive range of services and support. It was not necessarily the cheapest, but definitely had a great product with ongoing support. I am very happy with the value for money that my Zeald website has, it looks very nice and is easy to navigate"
Larry Seerup
"My experience with all of you at Zeald has  been an amazing experience for me.   
To start with I was overawed at what had been achieved when I joined in, but Bruno made me feel welcomed and valued from the very first meeting.   He was very patient when I didn’t get something, explains things really well,  has a great sense of humour, and picks up on ideas we have and turns them into a reality.
You are both professional, approachable, fun, and have bent over backwards to facilitate some of our requests in what have at times been short timeframes, without getting frustrated at us – well, not that we have been aware of!
It is a pleasure working with you both (and Jo and Barnaby and others behind the scenes) and I look forward to going forward with polishes and tweaks as our business grows!"
Carol Burnett
"Our website was out of date and was not a good reflection of our business. We initially spoke to one of Zeald's competitors before approaching Zeald. We found that the staff knew what they were talking about, and knew they would do a great job for us. Our website is now user friendly, has a WOW factor, and is receiving great feedback and results."
John Mulligan
"We were in desperate need of a new website and wanted the benefits of an online shop too. We were most impressed with the Zeald staff and their on-going support throughout the project. Since going live, the response has been great. Our views and enquiries have tripled! We couldn’t be happier."
Rebekah Smith
"We had a very old, homemade website which needed updating to increase exposure and sales as well as bring us up to the level of the Hyundai brand. We chose Zeald because of their proactive response, and the service provided. It's well known as one of the top NZ Website development companies. We are most happy with the physical appearance and simplicity of design and it has the commercial feel which ties in perfectly with our customers. It is also easy to navigate."
Scott Pollard
"Our old website was not a good reflection of the current activities of our organisation, it was old and tired looking. Zeald appealed to us because it gave us the ability to be independent; we were able to load our own content and complete  the training for the systems online. We are very happy with the end result of our website. The overall look and layout are great, and reflect who we are! It was also great having people support us throughout the process of planning it and then getting the website running."
Beth Tindall
"More of our customer base was referring to online sources. We needed to improve our online presence and be more accessible to potential clients. The look and the feel of our new website is great. The style reflects the companies ideals, Zeald not only helped create what we wanted but they helped us realise what it was that we actually needed."
Chris Thompson
“Our website was totally out of date, and our business had changed significantly over time. The Zeald seminar convinced us that Zeald were the people to go with. It provided a lot of information on the marketing of your business through the website, and all the benefits a website can deliver, rather than what you need to build a website. We appreciated the fact that Zeald were able to advise us in layman's terms what was required as we are not that au fait with the website world . We also liked that they advised us on what was best for our website. The important thing is that our website is now current, and we can modify it as and when we need to.”
Tony Brownett
"We needed to get online, but did not have a website. We did some research and looked at Zeald’s past work, as well as speaking to a Zeald client who recommended them. The look of our new website is great. Additionally, we are very happy with how easy it is to use, update and maintain."
Matt Gaskin
“Our old site was out of date and we knew we needed to move where the market was, so we decided to work with Zeald. Our decision was based on quite a few recommendations from our customers. We now have a modern looking website that is easy to use and the feedback we have been getting shows our customers agree.”
Mark Monday
"We had developed our previous website ourselves. Apart from starting to look old, it had also sprawled out of control. We really liked that the Zeald management system was easy to use, and enabled me to update the website myself. We are also very happy with the clean, fresh look our website now has."
Paul Sharp
"We chose to work Zeald as they had been recommended to us. I’ve found that the customer service team at Zeald are always very helpful and quick to respond to any queries I’ve had. We’re really pleased with the clean, easy layout of our site and the ease with which we can update it."
Les Markus
"The initial consultation we had was really informative; the ideas that came out of the meeting were great and provided us with a great base plan for the website.  Now that our website’s live we’ve found that it’s really easy to use and uploading and updating content is pretty painless."
Brendon Deacon
Leisure Brands
"As the project we are developing is a big one we wanted to work with a big company who were able to take it to the next level. We found the overall steps taken to get through the process helpful and really like the fact that we have ongoing free support. Our website ticks all the boxes."
Deb Posa
"Zeald’s response to my questions and queries was always very fast and they understood what we wanted. I found them to be very encouraging and helpful."
Sabra Davies
"The level of organisation within Zeald is great, the whole process is planned from start to finish and there is support at every stage. Our website hasn’t been live long but we have already had some good comments about it and have had a few responses from the new area of the market that we were wanting to target."
Marty Stewart
Kauri Park Nurseries
"...As a community theatre group wishing to increase our audience base, getting the right website was vitally important for us. Financially we needed to be sure we chose the right website company. Initially, I must admit I was sceptical about whether we would be getting yet another 'sales pitch'...

We have been impressed by the Zeald support team. What's really neat it that they're not located off-shore; usually it's really difficult to communicate what you want to a help desk and usually I dread that kind of thing. The Zeald support team are highly capable and make things much easier."
Gaye Poole
"I'm more than happy to endorse Zeald that's for sure!  Basically from turning the site on, on day one we doubled our sales - just from having it on!  That's all we did; we closed our old site down and turned the new Zeald one on.  Then in the very first month we'd also doubled our sales.

This was our 5th time building a website so we've started to get pretty experienced now.      With other website companies you get told "We've got the best website and we'll be able to make your sales go up!"  when actually they don't and they just drop the ball!  So far Zeald has been everything we've expected and more.

Things are really easy and simple.  Like the 'online chat' service for example, I just flick a question through and "Boof!" it's done and dusted.  Same with reports. they're really well set out and they show us all the information we need.  It's very cool.  Then there's the ability to work the back end and have your keywords and meta tags handy.  It's all really, really good!"
Greg Buckett
"I think the Zeald concept is really good. The process you go through to build your website is step by step and it just gets you to the end.  Best of all you get a really good, functioning site. Coming from the website we had before, our Zeald website has been a much needed upgrade, and I definitely recommend this process."
Dion Roosenbrand
"I've been very satisfied with my Zeald experience.   They have done everything they said they would do, they met every deadline on their time frame didn't miss a single time frame that I can remember...

Zeald isn't a company that will let you go off on a tangent without questioning "Is this what you want?" "Do you know you can do it this way?" it's all very suggestive though - they're only making suggestions.  You get to take or leave whatever works best for your business.

I certainly recommend Zeald.  They've done a very good job for us."
Nevilla Dodds
"We approached Zeald as we has decided it was time for our business to get an ecommerce website. Their professionalism and understand as well as the completion of the whole process really impressed us. We’ve has a lot of positive comments from staff and clients and even though it’s early days we’re had a few orders come through."
Marion Lewis
"Zeald is the most professional company out there. Before dealing with them we had a terrible experience. The frequent phone calls to check if all was well really made us feel like Zeald cared. Our website looks very professional and is exactly how we wanted it."
Carl Shaw
"I’ve had previous contact with Zeald and know they build good websites. They have really good processes in place and it’s really clear how long everything takes. I’m extremely impressed by Zeald. The look and feel of our website is good. It’s very easy to use and to update our content or make changes, and the reporting in the backend is great and really helpful."
Sonya Stichbury
"The pharmacy industry is a very competitive business, so we needed more of an online presence to get in front of our potential clients. We found that Zeald handled the whole process, from the inception, to going live, with ease. The on-going customer support was also another great feature of the process, which helped us a lot. Now the site is up and running, we are most happy with the design and look of the site. Zeald delivered exactly what we wanted, and we are very pleased with the end result."
Mohamed Bashir
Danny van der Velde
Danny talks about his Zeald website and how he has improved in Google
"The whole planning process couldn't have been better actually.  Things are really efficient and really clear.

I was also really happy with the design of our website.  We only made a couple of minor changes to the first draft and they were very efficiently handled.  I was very, very pleased.  It was even better than I could have expected.

The functionality of the site and the content loading stage has been really good also. Things are reasonably intuitive too.  Overall I'd say that everything has been handled efficiently and in good time.  I certainly recommend Zeald - it's all been very good, really very good."
Guy Eaden
“I have been a customer with Zeald for 4 years.  Before changing to Zeald I had been with 3 different website providers, all of whom I had challenges with as my business grew.  It was a big step up to move to a Zeald website, I attended several Zeald seminars and had several meetings with Craig Woolhouse, who gave me the encouragement that I would not look back if I made the change.  He was right.  Customers have never stopped complimenting me on the RhodoDirect site.  I receive calls every week that begin with, "I'm on your website, and can I just say what a great site it is....." 

This year, 2015 I decided that it was time for a move to responsive design, with 30% of my clients viewing my site from their mobile devices I knew that I needed to move with the times.  Now my customers are telling me that they are on their mobile phones at work looking at the website because it is so easy, I just hope that they are in their break times.

One of my frustrations with my previous website suppliers was the length of time that it took for even minor changes to be made to my site.  As a computer savy business woman I have been able to do many of my own changes and I love that I have the ability to make most changes myself.  This means that I don't have to pay someone to do what I am capable of myself.  If I ever do need help to do something that I can't figure out, a quick phone call to the customer support team and they have either done it for me while I'm on the phone or they have taught me what to do.  I have found the customer support incredible at Zeald. "
Marina Shearer
“It was essential for us to have an online hub for all our online activities. We got quotes from several companies, but it was the depth of knowledge and experience that Zeald offered as well as the help files and blogs available to assist us. The ease of content loading, the look and design and the fact we can update it so easily to keep it current are all terrific.”
Lucy Walter
Danny van der Velde
Discussing the Zeald Dedicated Super Support service at Zeald
"I'm very happy with my Zeald experience. When people come to me and say "I'm going to set up an online store. Who would you recommend?" I tell them about Zeald straight away. I've even had people come back to me, thanking me for the referral, because they've also had a good experience with Zeald.

I know the importance of working with a good website company because my last experience didn't go well at all. As a result I explored quite a few avenues this time round. I didn't want the same headaches! From the outset I found Zeald to be fantastic. Believe me I wouldn't have signed with them if they weren't straight to the point and able to answer my questions!

Whenever I need something I can get on the phone at any time. There's always someone there who's able to answer your questions and get things fixed. I'm not very tech savvy either, so it's so nice being able to explain things to people who are patient. Every time I've rung it actually seems like people enjoy their jobs! The ongoing email updates are great too and I enjoy reading them."
Sera Hathaway
At first I was very hesitant to construct a website. I wasn’t quite sure that I needed one already having good contact with all active main customers in the market.As  a necessity in the modern market to fly the company flag on the web I  decided to engage with Zeald who showed me the potential I was missing in a market I thought I knew! I guess being in a specialised industry for many years I thought I had  the market covered and would attract the wrong sort of enquiry. With the website being live for around 4-5 week now I have already made my  first sale directly as a result from contact from our website worth thousands in revenue for the month.I can already easily identify 20 leads coming from our contact page. The structure of Zeald is great, at first I found all the information a little overwhelming but once I got stuck into it and got my head around  it what we are and what we do and communicating that I found all the tools and information I needed was available at my fingertips. Online chat support was invaluable during construction with what I thought were complicated problems sorted in minutes. I’m looking forward to working with Zeald in the coming years to enhance and grow my website further." Based on my experience I can recommend Zeald to all start up businesses  looking to engage a web developer and get their brand strengthened and add brand value to its potential.
Dean Pannett
"We decided to work with Zeald as we were dissatisfied with our previous supplier and the lack of service we received from them. The team at Zeald are very happy and friendly people – especially the girls in administration. Our new website is a definite improvement on our previous one."
Andrew Bews
"I had heard very popular things from a number of people and felt Zeald would be the best option to develop the site we required. The initial strategy and concept creation of our website and the level of service we received from our consultant was fantastic, as is the ease with which we are able to update our content."
"Our old site needed a revamp, and updating. We found the service Zeald provided was excellent. The team was always willing to help, and they called back and followed up when promised. We are most happy with the slideshow component on the homepage, this makes it really easy to upload images, and looks fantastic!"
June Lewis
"We felt it was time to upgrade our web presence and our website so we chose to work with Zeald. The helpfulness of the production team and the ease at which you can change and update things is fantastic."
Sandra Legge
"The decision to work with Zeald was based on positive feedback management had received from various Zeald clients. The online help has been great, always available and we’re always able to get the answers to our queries from it. Our website has met the needs that we had, and we’ve had great feedback about it. Overall it looks great and meets our requirements.”
Tracy Skolmen
"I have been very impressed with Zeald's technology and framework. The whole process of getting your website up and going is very easy. And I mean REALLY easy. That's so important because getting a website can be a huge thing. The site I used previously has nothing on my Zeald website. For ease of use and actual understanding, there's just no comparison!

Zeald has some great tools available and there's plenty of guidance and 'value-added' information every step of the way. The help files are fantastic and so is the back up Support. I also love having all my statistics at my fingertips.  Having this kind of data is invaluable when it comes to deciding what to tune next.  It's great. Overall this has been a really good experience for me. I can definitely recommend Zeald if you're looking for a helpful, easy-to-use website that delivers results."
Julie Rowlands
Fast Forward Life Coaching
"We're really happy our website and the end product that Zeald have delivered is excellent. I definitely recommend this process. We've had a lot of positive feedback from people who like the site. We've also been able to bring onboard several new sponsors as a result of having the new site. This is something that wouldn't have happened with our old website. The back up Support that Zeald provides is both friendly and efficient. It's been a great result for us."
Glen Roff
"We met with half a dozen companies when we looked at building our website. Even at that stage, Zeald was a step above the rest. It was an easy decision to work with them.

The Design team did a great job and even their initial proposal was pretty spot on. It only needed a few tweaks here and there to finalise. The step-by-step process which followed, was easy and straight forward too. There was nothing fiddly or difficult involved. Really there's not too much to complain about all round!

Overall, Zeald have done a top notch job for us, and they've delivered a superior product too. We're very pleased."
Kevin McAlister
"In the early stages Zeald provided us with a well laid out plan to get the ball rolling. That document was excellent, allowing us to complete a very comprehensive review of our needs and expectations. We are a unique organisation and it was pleasing to discover that Zeald had the capacity to connect with us at our level and focus on the areas that are important for our business.

Being the kind of organisation that we are, time is always at a premium. For this reason, we decided to make use of Zeald's 'Remote Content Loading' service in the go-live process. Our contact, Louise Home Dewar, was excellent, and deserves special mention. In fact we've continued to utilise her skills and expertise even now, on as 'as required' basis. It's far more cost effective for us to send changes to Louise as she gets things done in no time. Things that would tie us up un-necessarily at this early stage. What's nice about Zeald is that you can choose the level of input that you particularly want.

We're very happy with our Zeald website. We've already noticed that we're getting a lot more contact from users and more online bookings than we've ever had. It's been a great result."
Murray Ashcroft
"I'm stoked with our new Zeald website.

We needed to create an online brochure showcasing and building our Atlantis brand, particularly for new international markets.  We've been able to achieve this really cost-effectively using Zeald.

For this particular website our focus wasn't generating online sales, more on brand awareness and top-level distributor support, and we're confident our new site will deliver long term results in this regard...

For this website I had a very brand-specific design in mind and the Zeald design team understood and delivered what I wanted, with no hassle.  Likewise the Support team have been superb and have worked through issues quickly and conveniently.

I absolutely recommend Zeald -  particularly for small to medium businesses who need action online - that they can control themselves.  It's working for us!"
Shaan Miller
"The team at Zeald have been fantastic! It hasn’t being easy – selling meat online was never going to be an easy undertaking. But, the website results continue to consistently grow - to the point where I am completely convinced that the website will become the key component of our overall business turnover."
Terry Lillis
"Just wanted to let you know the winners of The David Awards were announced last week, and we are thrilled to announce Pregoli won two categories - Most inspired use of marketing & Most community-minded business. This wouldn’t have been possible without such a professional looking and easy to use website so thank you!"
Belinda Simon
"Our previous website was hard to maintain and wasn’t very user friendly so we decided it was time to upgrade. Zeald proved to be very easy to deal with and we were most impressed by their level of professionalism."
Natasha Gould
"When we started Belly Beyond four years ago we selected Zeald as our web-developer because they offered a well rounded, market leading solution.  We've continued to customize our website to suit our business and these added features mean we can stay a step ahead of the competition, keep up with web trends as well as grow the business worldwide."
Louisa Currie
“We decided it was time to get online as that’s the way the world is going. Right from the beginning the service we received from Zeald was excellent. We liked the look of other websites Zeald had produced and the package Zeald put together was well thought out.

Our website has just gone live and even without all the content loaded, we are already making sales. Zeald is user-friendly and professional. I’ve already told one of my friends who was looking for a website to get in contact with Zeald.”
Inga McCann
“Zeald have renewed my faith in the Website Industry. Allan Kent was able to show in B&W terms what my previous provider had not. The team are professional, solution based and transparent. Our meetings were all held remotely as I live in rural BOP. Through the service & meetings I felt confident my company was being looked after. To say my Account Manager Kamini went the extra mile is an understatement, her efforts got us to the finish line, thank you.”
Darryl and Christina Robinson
“Zeald are very thorough and produce what they say they are going to produce.”
Christine Black
“I was happy the way Zeald set up my website and was extremely happy with the way they guided me through the procedure and provided plenty of information.”
Chris King
“Zeald have been integral part in building my business Under 5s. They have guided me through each stage of the website development and continue to be extremely helpful in answering my day to day questions when they arise. They have remained in contact since the launch of the site with suggestions on how we can make improvements and take the site to the next level.”
Carol Ainger
“You won’t regret booking a free website analysis with Zeald. It’s an eye opener & you will understand the importance of professionals like Zeald to progress your website performance.”
Katy May
"Just wanted to say a genuine huge “thank you” for all the long hours and short timelines you have had to endure to get the Fast Track website up and running. The need for constant changes requested by us, answers to technical and programming issues we sought from you, all resulted in informed responses with a professional and positive attitude from each of you.
For both us and Zeald, this whole project was a greenfield start, which required your team to understand our business and to offer informed and easily understood practical and cost efficient solutions in a timely manner. You guys hit all of these for us - every time! Quite simply we could not have achieved the visual and workable result without your guidance and commitment.
Great stuff - thank you!"
Murray Burnett
"I initially got in contact with Zeald after hearing a radio advert for one of their seminars and things moved pretty quickly from there. The amount of information that was provided was great and I was impressed but the way the process was laid out step-by-step informing you of what was happening and when. The guys listened to what we wanted and now we have a simple, smart, fresh and easy to use website."
Jill Oliver
"I had heard about and seen Zeald in the past, and a friend had also mentioned them to me which is why we chose to work with them. I like Zeald's level of professionalism and see it as a strong brand. I’m most impressed by the functionality of our website and the design and layout of it."
Nick Hindson

"Being a service provider in the wedding industry, marketing is so important to us in finding our clientele. After a less than successful exercise  with another website designer we engaged Zeald starting from scratch again. In a totally different approach  we attended several consultations with Zeald  personnel  until they fully understood the nature of our business together with our goals and aspirations.

Their engine room then produced our website, and what a website it is. We are so proud of it, its uniqueness, the message it conveys, and the excellent results it has generated. And the story doesn't end there. Zeald's ongoing support, their reviews and ongoing refinement suggestions to the AdWords campaign keep the site in good stead. 

 So all I can say is, thank you Zeald, you are much appreciated."
Don Newton
"I first began contact with Zeald after about the eighth advertisement I encountered whilst being online, everywhere. Goes to show how brilliant the backbone of this company has pushed the success that it has today. For me, Zeald has proven to be by far the best web developers we have dealt with, and we have been with a few because we too are perfectionists and know that if we’re not happy, we will change it and make it right for our customers. 

Your team consistently pursues and understands the vision of our brand that has enabled confidence with making the right decisions to take our website to the next level and we’re selling more flowers than ever before! Yeah baby!!

With the help of Justin, Dina, Daniel and Loretta, our website has shown significant growth that has also enabled our company to expand to our third store in the Auckland CBD. The respect, professionalism and passion Zeald 
has demonstrated to our company are paramount to the core values of Tomuri and we wanted to thank you for understanding and believing in this. Your efforts are greatly appreciated"
Ratahi Tomuri
"We needed a website in order to show our clients what properties we had available online, instead of paper. We chose Zeald because they were an efficient company, and because they were on Bartercard. Our new site is very clear, easy to navigate and is up to date. The service Zeald provides is excellent, they were always on hand to help and provided solutions to any problems straight away."  
Katie Chan
"Our previous website was looking dated, the code was old and no longer supporting the required functionality – especially in relation to new technologies such as smart phones and tablets. In short we needed a new site. We liked Zeald’s emphasis on conversions and getting leads, rather than just having an attractive website. We also appreciated that Zeald were able to meet the specific requirements we wanted in our new website. We love the end result. We now have a great looking, upmarket website. We have all the functionality we expected. Zeald have also promised that the technology will be kept up to date which is very important to us. The process was simple and straightforward and help was readily available whenever we needed it."
Jeff le Roux
"Zeald has been a good, cost-effective choice for our small business. Our website is user friendly and has everything on it that we need. It’s very efficient and there’s a broad spectrum to develop the site moving forward. I particularly like the way we are able to make changes to our site as and when needed. I’ve found that if whenever we contact Zeald we receive a response the same day and even when we changed our mind on some aspects it was never a problem to correct."
Carl Meyer
"We have been a client of Zeald for 18 months now and are embarking on another web build with them currently for another business we own and operate. Quite simply, if you want a website that works for your business, you must choose Zeald. Period!"
Kate Bromley
"Our existing site was very old and rubbish. When we looked into Zeald, the fact that we were able to do it on Bartercard was a huge plus. A main deciding factor was that they proactively came in, rather than just emailing. The finished website has had a lot of positive comments, and we are actually seeing customers coming through via the site now. We love how easy it was to get it up, the whole process was just very easy."
Kelvin Ricketts
"Our old website was quite outdated and needed to be brought up to date. Three Brothers restructured so we needed a new site which reflected the new structure. Zeald was our top pick because of the online help system, there is always someone available and willing to help. We are thrilled with the new layout and the banner aspect. The backend is very easy to navigate and work in."
Katie Chan
"We came to Zeald after being dissatisfied with our previous provider. After looking at Zeald’s portfolio of past websites, we liked what we saw. From there we met with Rose Love, and everything happened very fast! Because Zeald listened to our requirements, our new website was exactly how we had envisioned it. Additionally, I like how the site is very user friendly and I am thrilled that I can administer and update it myself."
Janet Williams
"I received a cold call from Margie Hannon - which made me look at and reassess my old website - and I realised that my site was outdated and not delivering results. We went with Zeald because of their professionalism, and knowledge of the "world of the web". They were able to give me a website that I could never have imagined was possible. The support and assistance from Zeald has been excellent. Our new website is easy to navigate and use, and looks wonderful"
Vicki Queen
"We really didn’t have enough control over what was happening with our previous website, and the ability to change things on it. We chose to go with Zeald because we had a family connection with them. Since going live, we are really enjoying the feedback we are receiving from the public. The best part of the new website is that we now have the ability to personalise the site; we can change and amend components as we want."
Greg Mather
"I came to Zeald because I was getting very little response from the existing site I had. The staff I dealt with were always professional, and nothing was ever too much trouble. I love the website now, it looks clean and fresh, just how I wanted it. I also got an order on the first day it went live, which was fantastic!" 
Irene Bickerton
“We were in the process of bringing out a range of new products and decided we needed a new website to use to promote them. The professionalism Zeald showed helped to set them apart from the rest of the competition. We now have a website that’s very, very easy to use, and there’s always a lot of help available to help us update and maintain the site.”
Erica Haugh
“We were rebranding a different part of our business; we needed a website that would fit. We had worked with Zeald before and found the whole process was uncomplicated. It was also easy to communicate with them. The best part of our new website is that it is live. We also like that Zeald follows up to see what can be improved and amended on an ongoing basis.”
Richard Lowe
"In order to reach our goal of accessing different clients, we needed a new website. We really liked the support service Zeald offered, and that it was NZ based was even better. A high ranking is important to us, so we are excited to see the progress our website makes now that it is live!"
Angela Penn
“Our old website was a dinosaur that needed to be freshened up and brought up to date. I liked some of the Zeald websites I had seen around so I decided to work with that. The look and feel of our new website is fresh, useful and fun – which is an accurate reflection of our company.” 
Kylie Watts
“I was not satisfied with the service from my former website provider and have some friends who have gone with Zeald for the same reason. For me what was important was the Zeald is a bigger organisation and come across as a very professional organisation. There is always somebody available at the other end of the phone when you have a problem or require help. I am very pleased with the website as it gives the correct impression of what our business is about. The design that the team have created is fantastic.”
Claudine Barnes
"I really wanted to let you know about my recent meeting with Daniel Yang.

From the moment I walked in the door through to the moment I left, Daniel was extremely professional, enthusiastic and is indeed a fantastic representative of your company. I was initially impressed with his obvious 'homework' by what he had researched about Crown and what we were all about. My team and I had put a lot of work into the google doc previous to coming along to the planning meeting and he had not only read the information but digested it to formulate thoughtful questions. The 3 hour session went by so fast. Not too fast that it was ineffective, but we had so much to talk about and plan. I left feeling very exhilerated and excited about seeing the design. I think that Daniel is a great asset to your team.

Actually ever since meeting with Ron Giles, who I pestered for approx a month with a million questions was just awesome. He was able to answer questions for me with no issues at all and was so easy to work with. Currently my exposure to Zeald and their processes has been sensational."
Natalie Tolhopf
Crown Institute of Studies