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Helping people realise their business dream

Zeald is a full-service website design company, passionate about designing and developing websites that are easy to manage, grow with your business, and generate results.

We have designed and developed websites for thousands of small to medium businesses since 2001; our team are specialists in innovative website design and eCommerce websites.

We focus on helping people realise their business dream; we don’t just concentrate on technical solutions, but take a holistic approach, centred on how online sales and marketing tools fit into your business journey. Our unique approach to web design and development incorporates significant aspects of website planning and strategy, so that you can produce measurable results for your business.



There are those that make things happen
The Starters, the brave ones
The ones with the dream
And the tenacity to see it through

The doers, the makers, the thinkers
The ones that fight through any obstacle
To change the world,
or just their small part of it

We know something about the dream,
the battle, the never giving up
We started small and dreamed big
It’s not called the World Wide Web for nothing

We transform pixels into profits
We’re effectiveness engineers
Explorers and discoverers of better ways to work
So our clients can do more of what they do well
Being Starters, innovators, and entrepreneurs
Not distracted by the Wiz and the Bang

But staying focused on what matters
Because what matters is the result