Sustainability Policy


  • Minimise travel wherever possible.
  • Encourage all staff when travelling to work to walk, cycle or use public transport if possible. 
  • When flying, wherever possible try to fly at the busiest times to maximise the efficiencies of fuel in use on any given flight.
  • Where company or rental vehicles are required, give a preference to electric, hybrid or diesel options (in that order).
  • Encourage our remote-based staff to meet via video and web conferencing to minimise travel requirements.


  • Purchase the right tool for the job – research before purchasing.
  • Purchase electronic versions of software online and download to reduce packaging and transportation costs.
  • Utilise VPN’s (virtual-private-networks) to support staff and partners in accessing company infrastructure from home.
  • Utilise VOIP (voice over ip) systems and instant messaging to maximise staff efficiency and minimise the costs associated with remote staff.


  • Where possible use energy-efficient hardware.
  • Utilise power saving options wherever possible on all hardware.


  • Maintain an awareness of the principals of waste minimisation.
  • Reuse all paper within the office as many times as possible.
  • Use double-side printing whenever possible.
  • Recycle all paper, cardboard, plastic, glass and printer toners.


  • Use water-saving devices on all taps and showerheads to reduce flow-rate.
  • Use a reticulated water system if possible where all showers, toilets and basins utilise water collected off the office roof from rainfall.