Website Security Policy

Your website represents your company in the virtual world of the internet. With any serious website, internet security needs to be considered very carefully. Zeald takes your website’s security very seriously and provides industry-standard security measures to minimise the chances of your important business information being compromised.
  • Physical Security
    Our servers are located in a number of robust and secure hosting facilities around the world. 
  • Connectivity
    Each hosting facility is “carrier-neutral”, with redundant connections from multiple providers.   
  • Data Security and Back-up
    All data is located on secure servers that are regulary monitored and maintained. All operating systems and applications are maintained at recommended patch levels for the highest level of operating system security possible. Different levels of data back-ups occur on a periodic basis depending on your requirements.
  • Perimeter Defense
    All servers are monitored around the clock for attempted network attacks. Industry-standard Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS Systems) are employed to ensure that any breach of the perimeter defense is detected and dealt with immediately.
  • System Redundancy
    The facilities that provide all Zeald systems and tools are designed for 24 X 7 X 365 operations. Different levels of redundancy (including disk arrays and redundant web, database and file servers) are provided depending on the level of hosting plan that you have selected.    
  • SSL Data Transmission Security
    The highest level of SSL browser encryption is used to ensure that all sensitive data transmissions between your customers and your website are encrypted and secured to the highest level possible

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