Seminar Feedback

"Hi Zeald!

I felt compelled to email you with regard to the Website Seminar I attended at the Waipuna Lodge, and would like to say ‘Thank you sooo much’ for running such a superb and relevant seminar.  The speaker was outstanding – interesting, knowledgeable, energetic and believable – in fact I didn’t find myself ‘drifting off’ and thinking about what I was going to have for lunch at all, like I often do when I go to seminars!  Huge thumbs up to him!

I just wish I had been able to attend your website seminar at the beginning of this year, because it certainly would have taken a lot of the hassle out of figuring out how my website should look and what information it should contain.  However, better a late than never and I am thrilled that I was able to attend your seminar this early on, as the seminar content was truly invaluable, especially to business newbie’s like myself."
Marion Jackson
My Virtual Assistant
"I got a huge amount from that most eloquent and relevant presentation. Many and enviable congratulations to that beautifully articulate, fluent, and genuinely celebrity–style deliverer, of how to make a website work."
Beth Webster
Gender Resources Centre
"The seminar was excellent. The basics of websites were well explained and David made it all easy to understand."
Don Maston
Don Maston Realty
"Excellent, it gave me a greater understanding of how websites work in business. I would definitely recommend the seminar - it was time very well spent.”
Martin Vogel
Hansa Products
"Just a personal note of thanks for the most interesting and informative seminar at Albany on Tuesday - thanks for opening some minds, mine amongst them!"
Martin Adlington
Martin Adlington Environmental & Corporate Art
"Thank you very much for the outstanding seminar. It would be up in the 99th percentile of the most useful 2 hours I have spent anywhere. Within the first 15 minutes I was scribbling down ideas. It was all very practical and very well explained. Thanks again; I will be recommending this seminar to everyone I can think of."
Caroline Fenton
Higbess Schaffler Ltd
"I just wanted to say that yesterdays seminar was really fantastic I learned a lot and Brent is a fabulous speaker. Thanks for having me."
Deryn French
“Very worthwhile. A great speaker & professionally conducted!"
Richard Cummins
Managing Director
Fresco Shades
"Very educational. It gave me a better understanding of how to maximise our website performance & how to improve leads."
Aroha Grant
South Seas Film & TV Studio
"I thought the Seminar was excellent - highlighted for me the need to have a well thought out web strategy - and there were heaps of ideas on how to make the site work for the business"
Tom Kenny
Market Point Ltd
"Absolutely revolutionary to a technophobe like me - these are simple solutions I can action."
Janelle Fisher
 "Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated the opportunity to attend your seminar in New Plymouth last week. I was very impressed with the professionalism, the service and the information given... and even more impressed that it was all for free!"
Sue H
New Plymouth
"...It was thanks to Zeald's 'Secrets of Website Persuasion' seminar that we realised just how important our website really was.    When you think about it, your website is like an additional employee.  It's there 24/7, 365 days a year.  That seminar actually caused us to re-think the benefits of using a professional website provider.  We highly recommend Zeald.

I'd particularly like to acknowledge our E-Consultant, Rachel Bauer. Rachel has been the face of the Zeald team for us and she's been outstanding in every way.  With some companies you have front people who over-promise and the people behind the scenes don't deliver on those promises.  I have to say I have NOT experienced that at all with Zeald.  Everyone I've dealt with has replicated the way Rachel behaves. If I ask Rachel something, what she says will happen, actually does.  It's great!"
Iben Young
Contracts Manager
Welcome Homes
"We went to the seminar this morning and may I say that it was absolutely fantastic.  I have never heard a speaker with such clarity and an awesome way with words. Also excellent body language.  I sat forward on my seat the whole time.  Thank you so much for the invite!"
Kelley Clifton
"The seminar provided really good information on a subject I know very little about. It was nicely presented, logical and with nice humour. An excellent seminar."
Lee Astridge
"Brent, you are a fantastic speaker; full of passion, it's obvious you love what you do and after meeting you I can see why Zeald has become so successful. I imagine the rest of the Zeald team is just as enthused about delivering good business solutions. I think Zeald is one of those great kiwi ‘inventions’ and it's a pleasure to watch businesses like this grow. The fact that Zeald has evolved because it recognised the need to move along with the ever-changing internet culture and provides some of the necessary tools for free; all of these are great points of interest for SMEs, particularly in the current economic situation. Thanks again Brent, for an inspiring seminar."
Emma Seth
Auckland Chamber of Commerce
"I really enjoyed the seminar. It was simple, straightforward and had ideas that were do-able. Excellent."
Sheldon Nesdale
Marketing Executive
Big Fish Group
"An excellent seminar. Really practical. I liked the applications to real life and the real life stories and website suggestions. The Persuasion and Promotion techniques were most valuable."
Kate Flower
Marketing Manager
Hospitality Standards Institute
"I thought the seminar was excellent, the content well-presented and informative. The seminar gave food for thought on the best use of a website.
Ann Marie Wood
Composite Retail Group

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