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Let us help you navigate the changing landscape of the world wide web at our free seminar.

Websites can generate amazing results for ANY business if approached correctly. We'll reveal the fundamentals behind every successful website and give you some proven, practical tips & techniques required to turn your website visitors into customers.

Many people fall into the trap of focusing on promoting their website too early! They spend lots of money on website promotion – and then watch sadly as the website fails to persuade anyone to buy or show any interest in their product or services. 

Our aim is to remove the barriers that make the difference between an average on-line presence and a very successful one. It has given us enormous satisfaction to have helped and inspired close to 11,000 people who have attended our seminars.

Perhaps you're thinking "another free seminar sales pitch"? This seminar is purely educational. No catch.

You will learn:

  • The two key factors that will determine if your website succeeds or fails
  • Why it is important to continuously measure the performance of your website
  • How you can use simple techniques to consistently improve your results
  • A step-by-step guide to convince your website visitors to take action
  • Exactly where you should start to get things going

We will outline the key steps you need to take to create a highly persuasive website and make use of case studies to powerfully illustrate the concepts we cover in this highly practical seminar.

Zeald Speakers

The Seminar will be presented by one of the experienced Zeald presenters below:

Glen Sharkey

Glen is Zeald's main seminar speaker, and is passionate about helping businesses achieve success.

Through his entire career, Glen has had a lot of exposure speaking in front of people. He is a dynamic speaker who has presented in front of hundreds of people and has a natural affinity with any group. His engaging presence and keen sense of humour have seen him build rapport with a variety of audience from different backgrounds.

Glen Sharkey Zeald Seminar presenter
Jamie Hansen

As a presenter, Jamie is engaging and clearly shows his enthusiasm for his topics. He is incredibly comfortable talking in front of any number of people, and has the ability to keep an audience engaged and informed. With his personal ties to running a business, he understands what business owners are looking for in a product or service. Anyone who attends his presentations is sure to walk away with some great tips to put directly into their own website.

Jamie Hansen
Allan Kent

Coming from a business coaching background, Allan has always been passionate about helping people grow their businesses. He's very strong in his belief that far too many businesses are held back by ineffective marketing, particularly in their use of what should be their key 'Revenue Generating' asset; their website.

As well as presenting Zeald seminars, Allan regularly talks to various business groups, business expos and industry associations, advising business owners and sales and marketing managers, how they can get far better results from their online activity.

Allan Kent web small
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