Nominate a business to Get Ecommerce

Nominate a friend or family member who runs a business to Get Ecommerce

We all miss that curry from the local takeaway, the pie from the bakery, sausages from the butcher, a coffee from the cafe, fresh greens from the grocer.
Help these businesses get Ecommerce so we can place orders to click and collect or get delivered. Help your local community so we all have access to these special products and services and help keep these important local businesses going.

Win a $100 Prezzy card
Post the details of your friend here and go in the weekly draw to win a $100 Prezzy card. Nominate multiple businesses’ and enter as many times as you like. We will use your name when we contact the friend that you nominate.


Due to Covid-19, business of all shapes, sizes and types must urgently & rapidly go online

The situation is extremely dire for NZ small to medium sized business. Some businesses have already permanently shut down and a huge amount of others are rapidly heading in the same direction. Many SME businesses simply won’t survive unless they rapidly move online. Also, people urgently need online access to many different products and services throughout New Zealand. If you have products or services that people need, then, if at all possible, you must go online and start servicing that need.

David Kelly
Chairman - Zeald

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