Website Audit

The website audit was very thorough and up to date.

The checklist of recommendations for
improvement were easy to understand. In fact, I
went away and started making changes to my
​website almost immediately.

Dave McLeod, Dave McLeod Painters

With your Website Audit an experienced ebusiness consultant will look at your website in detail and produce an
easy-to-read report outlining how you can improve your website.

We'll show you how to easily


Improve Google

How your website is
performing in Google,
and ways to improve
​ your ranking.

New visitors

Other highly effective
ways to attract new,
targeted visitors
to your website.


How effectively your
website is sparking
the attention of these


Build trust and credibility with
website visitors, and
ultimately persuade them to
do business with you.

Done by real people, who understand business and what it takes to make your website successful

Allan Kent
Allan has a wealth of direct experience through previous roles as a website strategist and a business coach. Prior to this, he was the Managing Director of a medium sized wholesaling and retailing business back in the UK. 
quote 2
Craig Woolhouse
Craig Woolhouse is an extremely enthusiastic eBusiness Consultant and is passionate about helping his clients; in fact, his passion is known to be very contagious! Craig is based in Christchurch.
quote 3
Margie Hannon
Getting the most out of life is Margie's philosophy. Both in work and play, she loves the challenge and the satisfaction of getting a great result.
quote 4
Tony Simpson
In the time that Tony has been involved with Zeald, he has been able to use his business and coaching skills to add value for clients looking for solutions that will truly meet their needs.
quote 5
Vaughan Stanley
Vaughan is an experienced business and marketing executive who loves helping businesses increase their sales and marketing results.

Margie Hannon
Getting the most out of life is Margie's philosophy. Both in work and play, she loves the challenge and the satisfaction of getting a great result.

Join over 5,000 business owners who have learnt where their website is leaking business and how to fix it.

  • We will present the audit to you within 1 working day
  • If you have absolutely any questions about this service call us toll-free on 0508 932 748

No hard sells or pushy sales people

  • Contact details to send you the results
Your email will NEVER be shared with anyone. See our Privacy Policy.

Hurry, improve your website now! 


You could continue to guess about different tactics, or do nothing to improve your website.

Or you can save yourself a huge amount of time & money and join over 1349 New Zealand businesses so far this year who have utilised our Website Audit service

David Kelly, Zeald CEO


I’ve had my Zeald website for 3 years now and it is my absolute #1 business tool...we get new business, leads, enquiries and orders from it.

Paul Zarifeh, Seventhwave Wetsuits.


We’ve already noticed that we’re getting a lot more contact from users and more online bookings than we’ve ever had. It’s been a great result.

Murray Ashcroft, ASB Stadium

The website audit will always be free with no obligations

  • In fact you can take your website audit and hand it to any web developer and they will probably be able to build you a better website than what you currently have.
  • We’ll finish your website audit with an honest discussion about the services you need & how Zeald can help grow your business. 

Over the last 10 years Zeald’s unrelenting focus has been on helping businesses achieve results


​increase in enquries

from targeted customers requesting
subdivision feasibility report.
Ty Jones
prtnr 1


​more bookings
for MoleCheck® examination in less
than 90 days.
Dr David Langford

prtnr 2


increase in sales

of ski equipment in just 90 days
(in the off season!) 
Richard Naylor
prtnr 3

We have discovered a unique process

Focus On What Matters
audit quote1
Most business owners have it wrong by focusing on rankings & traffic, not revenue. Ranking high and getting a stream of traffic to your website are two great things, but if your visitors don't convert into business, rank and traffic don't matter
Fix the Leaks
audit quote2
Spending money driving traffic to your website without spending time on optimisation is expensive, like pouring water into a bucket full of holes!

Increase Conversion
audit quote3
We have perfected the process of fixing those leaks. Once all the leaks are filled and your traffic is converting at a high rate, every dollar you spend on advertising will go so much further
Spending money driving traffic to your website without spending time on optimisation is expensive, like pouring water into a bucket full of holes!


Zeald was formed in late 2000 by three young guys from the small New Zealand town of Mangawhai Heads.

12 years later, Zeald is one of the largest
and fastest growing website design and
e-business consultancy companies in
New Zealand.

Our customers have told us repeatedly that the result is what matters the most to them. Zeald has an unrelenting focus on helping businesses achieve results. 

We know what we are talking about; as evidenced by our thousands of clients & hundreds of customer testimonials.​

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Website Audit FAQs

Elevate Your Online Presence with Zeald, Your Premier Google Partner

Discover the power of partnership! This esteemed status places us in the top 3% of Google’s trusted collaborators globally, a testament to our expertise in digital marketing. ensuring your campaigns are not just managed, but optimised for exceptional performance.

What if I donít have an existing website?

  • If you don't currently have a website but want to take your business to the next level, you might be surprised at how cost effective it is to get a Zeald website. Find out more about booking a consultation with one of our experienced consultants.

Do I need to be a website expert to understand the content of the audit?

  • When requesting a website audit, people sometimes think that they will be working with a technical expert - someone who designs and builds websites. However, 'Promotion' and 'Persuasion' is what truly drives website performance!

    All Zeald e-business consultants come from business development and marketing backgrounds. They understand the principles of 'promotion' and 'persuasion' and they understand how to apply these principles successfully in the online world to a website. When dealing with a Zeald e-business consultants you are dealing with someone who understands business and understands how to generate serious results online for a business.

Is the Website Audit Really Free?

  • This service is completely free and is offered with no obligation to use any of our other products and services. (not valid for current Zeald clients or if you have had an audit in the last six months)

    Over 5,000 New Zealand businesses have made the most of this fantastic service, since we introduced it six years ago. The feedback we receive is always of the highest praise about just how much value these organisations are receiving for the time they have invested in meeting with us.

What Types of Websites Will Benefit From an Audit?

  • NZ businesses of all shapes and sizes can benefit from Zeald's unique results focused approach to website design and website development.

    Some of the industries we have completed audits for include:

    • eCommerce websites
    • Online stores that sell from 1 product to 2 million products
    • Lead generation websites
    • Builders, plumbers, electricians, cleaners and other trades websites
    • Websites for charities, clubs & associations
    • Restaurants, bars & hospitality websites
    • Law and accounting websites
    • Accommodation, motel, B&B websites
    • Fashion Stores
    • Florist websites
    • Service providers

Is this offer available everywhere in NZ?


No hard sells or pushy sales people