V4 Redesign

The latest approaches in website conversion tactics, design, user experience, and technology for your existing ZEST website

ZEST v4 is a complete overhaul of your existing website packed with cutting edge technology and design - a unique combination of beauty, usability, and ultimately, more results for your business!


From $299 /month for 12 months excludes monthly hosting costs

Lead Generator

From $149 /month for 12 months excludes monthly hosting costs

Full website upgrade & redesign

Business environments are constantly changing and the online business environment is changing at an even greater rate. As your business evolves, your business objectives and needs change also. If you don't keep evolving your website, it quickly ages and gets tired and out of date. Just like a physical store you need to remodel your website regularly to keep it fresh for your customers.

ZEST v4 delivers the latest approaches in website conversion tactics, design, user experience, and technology all in one,simple upgrade. In short it brings your website back to the forefront of online excellence in one giant leap!


Review your online business

Review your business online

Review your business goals and what is and isn't working well within your online business. From there create a plan for how to take your online business to the next level.


Design your revised website

Design your revised website

Using the plan created in the first step, we create a new design for your website based on the very latest proven design trends, user experience and conversion tactics.


Build & apply the design to your new website

Build your new website

Once you have signed off the new design, we apply the design to your website, update homepage content and upgrade your website to ZEST v4.


Launch your new website

Launch your new site

With all your existing content, products, orders, enquiries and metrics already loaded on your website, it makes the website upgrade process so much quicker and we can quickly move to launching your upgraded website!

Upgrade from v3 to v4 and save reloading all your data

Upgrade to v4 without reloading all your data

Building a new website and loading all your content is a huge job! You might recall from the last time you did this. The good news is - you don't need to go through all that pain again!

When you upgrade from ZEST v3 to v4 you keep all your content and important data. You don't have to start again. In fact, you will notice only a few minor changes to the way you administer your website. The same familiar interfaces, with all of your data still intact. We will apply the new design to your existing website, like a reskin or a change of clothes and we upgrade the underlying software.

  • You keep all of your order history
  • You keep all of you customer database
  • You keep all of your enquiry data
  • You keep all of your metrics and campaign data
  • Your current site remains live and the switch over is far easier than a normal go-live process.

Because you are staying on the same platform you won't put all your hard earned search engine results and hard work at risk.

Beautiful hero banners

Spark Attention

A completely new 'hero banner' slider component has been created for the primary call to action on homepages. Your homepage is often the first page used by a new visitor.

The first 3 seconds are key to make an impact and this is your opportunity to capture their attention and convey your key messages.

Slide Creator

Select from a range of different slide templates - Create as many slides as you want.

  • Primary headline & description
  • Multiple call to action buttons
  • Background & foreground image
  • Show multiple slides at once
  • Optional pause button
  • Reorder & delete slides

Parallax scrolling

The parallax design technique involves moving background and foreground images at varying speeds to create the illusion of 3D depth.

It is a relatively popular design feature in modern websites that can assist with building credibility & portraying your brand as modern.

Video backgrounds

Ability to upload a lightweight mp4 background video, similar to this banner.

Ecommerce Conversion Pathway

Most key aspects of an ecommerce conversion pathway have been upgraded. A large amount of effort has gone into the design, user experience, and polish on each of these pages ensuring the pages presenting your product data not only look great, but are easy to use and optimised for conversion.

Search, homepage, navigation, category, product, cart, checkout, receipt, delivery

Product Navigation

The faster a visitor can find what they are looking for, the more likely they are to buy. A key goal of your website should be to make it as fast and easy as possible for users to narrow down what products are relevant to their current needs.

Search results screenshot

ZEST4 tackles this challenge head on, providing a large navigation feature set including:

An enhanced search algorithm to present even more useful results;

Hugely configurable ability to filter products - allowing users to narrow down the results of searches, or categories of products. The admin panel provides you full control over what filters to present to them - brand, size, various product options, or anything else you may dream up!

Category (Product Listing) Page

The Category Page (also known as the Product Listing page) has been completely overhauled and the usability and intuitiveness of the page greatly improved. Some of the many changes are listed below.

Cushions category page with background behind header

Ability to set unique background images behind each category heading

A full width image at the top of your category pages allows you to set the tone for your brand. Engage your audience with colour, texture and fantastic imagery!

Automagically size images

The ZEST v4 category page can automatically crop your product images so that they display at a uniform size giving your category page a more polished and professional look.

Automatic image resizing

Filtering example

Highly configurable filtering

Filters can be created to filter products by:

  • product options
  • Product tags
  • product attributes
  • subcategories
  • filter any of the above by a numeric range

This example uses the size options loaded against products to allow users to display only the products that match the bed sizes they are looking for.

Ability to paginate, sort & filter without a full page reload

Users can resort products, filter products or load more products without reloading the web page - making it quicker to get the information they are looking for.

Load more products

Add to cart from category page

Improved ability to order directly from the category page

Users can order or enquire directly from the category page. Even products with simple options can be added to the cart from within the category page. This allows your customers to make multiple purchases from a category quickly and easily without having to leave the page. Users can also add items to their 'favourites list' from within the category page.

Product Page

The Product Page has also been completely overhauled with a high level of polish focused on mobile experience, usability, intuitiveness and beautiful design. See some of the many changes below.

Bigger images that showcase your products

Quality product images are now more important than ever for a successful website. With improved internet speeds, visitors expect better & high quality photography of your products. ZEST v4 presents your images in the best light possible.

ZESTv4 product page screenshot

Support for tabs in the description area

Providing your customer key information about a product is important both for SEO (search engine optimisation) and user experience. How you present that information will determine if that information is helpful and consumable for your customer or overwhelming.

With ZEST v4, you are in control - can choose to keep on scrolling description with multiple headings, or have those headings collapse up into tabs on your product pages in order to break your content into relevant categories to help your visitors quickly find the information that is most important to them.

Custom product fields & attributes

Many products have technical or other specific fields of data, that are best stored separately against the product.

ZEST4 provides you the ability to define any custom field & associated value against a product. These additional fields are then displayed nicely formatted under a separate heading or tab in your product description (or they can be easily integrated into a customised product page layout)

This data can then also be used for product filtering in category pages and search results, helping visitors to quickly narrow down potential product lists to the ones that are most likely to meet their needs.

Custom product fields

Embedded enquiry form

Overhauled product enquiry system

Embed a 'Questions' form directly into your Product Page along with an accordian style FAQ (more or this later) or display an 'Enquire' button that pops-up a Questions form, allowing the visitor to submit an enquiry without leaving the page.

Favourites List

The favourites list allows your visitors to save their favourite items in a list without them having to sign in or have an account. When an anonymous user then signs up to become a member, their favourites list will be saved against their new account. This feature is particularly useful for websites where users are purchasing the same thing repeatedly.

Ability to add a product to your favourites list

Any product can be added to a favourites list from a category, search results or a product page.

Browsing a favourites list is very similar to using a category page

Favourites can then be easily removed or added to the shopping cart.

Individual favourites lists

Polished Experience for Mobile Users

All aspects of the core ZEST4 pages have been carefully designed, optimised & polished for mobile users.

This includes the homepage, main website theme (header & footer), hamburger menu navigation, all aspects of the main ecommerce pathway, member signup and login.

ZESTv4 category page screenshot on a mobile device

Overhauled experience for any page showing groups of product

Product category pages, product search results, favourites lists - all aspects of the design have been polished and optimised for mobile devices making it quicker and easier for mobile users to navigate and find the products and information they are looking for.

ZESTv4 example search form on a mobile device

Mobile device specific features in the global site search.

Hamburger menu for mobile users
Automatic hamburger menu at smaller resolutions
Swipe to scroll menu
Automatic pop out menu for filters and touch friendly filter removal

Overhauled product page experience

Optimised product page mobile experience
Swipe to view alternate images

Primary product image provides a full width, touch friendly image slider for mobile devices.

Zoom image shows a full screen image with full touch support, pinch to zoom, swipe for next image etc.

Mobile-friendly pop-up shopping cart & check-out

Popup shopping cart on a mobile device
Checkout on a mobile device

The shopping cart and check-out have been completely redesigned for visitors using mobile devices. The shopping cart pops-up whenever a visitor adds an item to their shopping cart. The check-out design is touch-friendly with large buttons, instant form validation and feedback making the check-out process highly polished for a visitor on a mobile device.

Optimised Shopping Cart & Checkout Page

It is always a challenge to reduce the abandoned cart rate for an ecommerce website. It is important that you get the checkout process right to minimise your cart abandonment rate.

The ZEST v4 check-out process has been completely remodeled to ensure a short, smooth and pain-free check-out process that follows current best-practice guidelines.

Clean design to minimise distraction on the page

Full shopping cart

Optimised checkout page with clear delivery costs, payment options and security seals

Checkout page screenshot

Precise easy to follow error messages that display immediately, rather than after the form has been submitted

Instant validation & feedback on forms

Login / new member signup

Improved popup login interface to keep the visitor on the current web page rather than forcing them to navigate away to a separate login page. Numerous improvements to user experience with real-time validation and instant feedback on the data entered into the form. Vastly improved mobile support.

Improvements to Key Content Pages

Improved contact us page design

Choose from 3 top templates for your Contact Us Page - including an overhauled enquiry form. These pages can be easily further customised as necessary to your requirements.

Improved contact page design

Enquiry forms and FAQs

With ZEST v4 you can set up accordian style, interactive FAQ's sections on your website. These sections show an array of collapsed questions. The user can then click on the question that is relevant to them and it will expand to reveal the answer. A separate FAQ section can be created for each and every product on your website.

Most v3 Add-Ons Are Bundled Into v4 for Free

Options addon
Simple & advanced
product options &
Advanced pricing addon
Advanced pricing (pricing tiers, quantity pricing)
Multicurrency addon
Advanced multi
currency support &
automatic currency conversion
Electronic goods addon
Electronic goods
Customer reminder addon
Customer reminder
Loyalty points addon
Loyalty points
Product reviews & comments addon
Product reviews &
Coupons addon
Blogs addon
Forums addon

Under the Hood Improvements

Two factor authentication

Two-factor authentication for website administrators

Privacy has become a big deal in the last few years, with a lot of high profile data breaches. The most likely way you could suffer a data breach is if one of your administrator passwords was compromised, allowing an unauthorised user access to your client & usage data.

Two-factor authentication is the industry best-standard used by Google, some banks, and many other applications to ensure this doesn't happen. It proves that the person logging in has access to both the password, and the users registered mobile device.

It is simple and fast to set up (you just download the Google Authenticator app and ZEST v4 will guide you through the rest). Each time an administrator attempts to log in, Google will send a 6 digit code to their phone which will display inside the application. This code gets entered on the login page, and access is granted.

Theme & homepage build process

The approach to building the homepage, headers & footers, and the theme of the website have been completely overhauled. The result is greater accessibility, better search engine friendliness, tidier styling and a more elegant mobile experience.

Laptop screen

Dial up the speed

Speed improvements

Website code and web pages have been redesigned and optimised for speed resulting in a number of overall speed improvements.

Easy to customise

Numerous changes have been made to make it faster, easier, and ultimately cheaper to customise a ZEST v4 website - without pulling you off the core ZEST v4 code-base. This means you can benefit more from the ongoing upgrades and security fixes that occur continually behind the scenes to your customised website - without you even having to know about them.

Customisations are easier

Checklist - Automated testing

Improved automated testing

Numerous additional automated tests have been written and are now in place as part of the ZEST v4 system, continually testing a large number of the critical core areas of ZEST. This significantly improves our ability to detect issues before they affect you and your website.

Improvement to the way URLs are created (Slug based)

Historically ZEST v3 automatically generated search-engine friendly URLs for a page using the product title, and each category in the path of the product. This approach created a great URL for the page but placed additional load on the web server(s) when generating the URLs and slowed down the loading of the page - particularly when working with large menus.

With ZEST v4, the administrator has the option of generating the URL based on a defined 'slug' rather than using the historic ZEST SEO friendly url. Slug based URLs are now considered best practice, and allow the website administrator to specify a specific URL for the page. This also reduces the amount of work required to generate links, which impacts the loading times of area like large menus.

You will not find a more simple or cost-effective way of upgrading your website to the 'latest and greatest' than a ZEST v4 upgrade. Register your interest now!

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