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Zeald is closed for the Christmas holiday break from 23 December to 18 January 2021. To secure your GEM Website for a great start to 2021, complete the Application form below and your return your completed GEM Website Information form to Zeald.

All applications and GEM Website Information forms received over the holiday break will be reviewed when the Zeald Team is back on board from 18 January 2021.

Don’t Get a Toy Website! … And Then Have to Start Again!

Get a full-featured website to promote your charity, encourage donors and inspire volunteers to raise funds for your charity
Conversion-focused project landing pages

Sophisticated lead generation project pages showcase your charity's work. Beautifully crafted to highlight your Unique Value Proposition, our landing pages quickly capture your visitor's attention, and encourage them to support your cause

Simple Lead Capture Forms

Simple, intuitive lead capture forms make getting in touch easy for your visitors. With clear form fields, automatic response error messages and captcha codes, our forms capture the essential info you need to make contact with potential donors and volunteers

Optimised mobile experience

Mobile optimised websites so visitors can navigate your website with ease, finding the information they are searching for, whether they are at their computer or on the move using their mobile device

Free Website Setup & Configuration

We will rapidly deploy, for free, a robust website that allows you to promote your charity online. Enable visitors to donate online, purchase fund raising products and more. It's up to you!

12 Months 'No-Sale-No-Fee' Hosting

We will host the website for you for 12 months from the date of deployment with the monthly hosting fee reduced from $9.99 to $0. Please see terms and conditions below for further details.

Free Domain Name & SSL Certificate

If you don't already have one, we will provide you with a domain name and an SSL certificate, free of charge, so that you don't need to worry about funding these critical components. A domain name provides your organisation with a unique online name (like '') that can be used to access your charity online and an SSL certificate is used to create a secure link between your website and your visitor.

Free Website Transfer and/or Content Loading.

We can transfer your projects and service information from your existing website or alternatively we can load initial content from the information supplied by you. The information can be in the form of brochures, MS word documents or even a spreadsheet. Get the information to us, or point us in the direction and we will take it from there!

Free Google My Business Listing Setup

Google My Business (GMB) is one of the most powerful tools available for connecting and communicating with your local market. Every organisation should have a GMB to let visitors know where they are, their phone number and when they are open. We will set up a free Google My Business listing for your charity to assist your website to be found in Google Search so that buyers can rapidly find information about you.

Free Google Analytics Configuration

Google Analytics is a tool provided by Google that helps you to better understand your online visitors. You can then use those insights to take action and improve your website. We will set up a free Google Analytics account and integrate it into your website so that you can use it to refine and improve.

A Powerful, Full-Featured Charity Website

Optimised fundraisers/projects gallery, FAQs and lead capture forms that have been pre-designed and pre-produced by us to enhance your charity’s online presence to enable you to raise funds for your cause

Email Capture/Sign Up feature

Expand your database and keep in touch with volunteers and supporters. When contact is made through your website, they are added to your customer database. Visitors can sign up to receive the latest news about your charity's activities and projects.

Email Capture/Sign Up feature
Projects or Services Gallery

Projects or Services Gallery

Showcase your projects in our Gallery feature. Attract new volunteers, show donors what your charity is about, and demonstrate why your cause is important and why people should support your charity. Share pictures, videos, and write descriptions for each project.

Blog/News feature

Share the latest news about your charity and keep potential donors up to date about new projects. GEM charity websites include a content management system that allows you to create blogs and news updates that are relevant to your non-profit organisation.

Blog/News feature
Options for donations

Options for donations

Your supporters can make donations via your website by either choosing a preset value or specify their own donation amount. Supporters are able to purchase any fundraising merchandise via an online store on your website. All donors will receive a digital receipt as proof of their donation

Lead Capture Form

Your website includes an optmised lead capture form so potential donors can easily get in touch or book an appointment

Lead Capture Form
Donate Online

Donate Online

Our charity websites include donation and receipt features that allow for quick, easy and hassle-free donations. Following their donation, donors will receive a digital receipt as proof of their donation


Build trust and credibility by sharing testimonials from people who have benefitted from donations through your charity. Testimonials build trust and credibility for your organisation and encourage donors and people who need assistance, to get in touch.



Answer those commonly asked questions and help your visitors find the information they need to take that next step to enquire about your cause. FAQs are effective in prompting individuals to enquire for more information

Facebook Feed

Share your organisation's latest Facebook updates and encourage website visitors to like, comment or share your posts. Each website includes a Facebook feed section where visitors can see and respond to the latest updates on your Facebook page

Facebook Feed


Introduce your website visitors to the people behind your organisation. Let them know the role of each one and how their roles enable you to provide assistance to people who need support.


Sell products to raise funds for your next project. Create a beautiful display of products on your website and encourage people to support your cause by making a purchase.

Inventory Management

Inventory Management

Keep track of your fundraising products - determine which items are selling fast and when it's time to restock. Each GEM charity website has an inventory management feature so you can keep track of your merchandise with ease.

Order and Customer Management

Receive and monitor product orders from your supporters. Get an updated report of all orders placed, processed, and shipped out for delivery.

Order and Customer Management
  • We have just been through the process with the website setup and the Zeald support team have been really great. Totally recommend them.

    Robyn Parker

  • Zeald helped us launched our website just right in time for Level 3. Their support is very professional and helpful. The entire process is very easy and convenient. We are very happy with our website.

    Roxanne -

The Sooner We Get Your Infomation, The Sooner We Can Deploy Your Website!

Gather Information

You complete our information gathering form. This provides us with the information we need. If you need help pulling together the required information, then let us know and we will do everything we can to help!

Build & Load

We build your website, configure it according to your requirements and either transfer the initial content and products from your existing website or load the initial content & products from the supplied information.

Deploy Stage 1

We will launch your website and provide you with access to the website administration system so that you can process orders, change and refine your content and manage various other aspects of your new website.

Promote & Evolve

You can now start promoting your website to the world! If you need help one of our Digital Business Strategists will meet with you and help you put together a plan to promote your online business and rapidly evolve your ecommerce operation.


Is this a scam?

No. This offer is 100% genuine.

We've put together this FAQ to provide clarity around common questions you may have - but please feel free to email us directly on if you feel any information is missing!

Is it really free?

The website build is 100% free. It is a gift from our company to help Kiwi small and medium sized businesses, in specific industry segments, survive and thrive through COVID-19.

When building a new website there are a number of areas of investment you want to be aware of:

  • Initial build: the one-off set up cost - this is the time required to build the site, configure all the various aspects so it will work with your business, ensure that it is compatible with Google, load content onto it, and purchase any software licenses.

  • Digital marketing & promotion: to drive targeted traffic to your website. There are a huge array of options available & what is most effective at engaging target customers differs from business to business.

  • Monthly running expenses: to keep things simple we bundle these up into a single monthly subscription package which covers professional hosting of the website; phone, email and live-chat support to help you get things done; and paying for a team of developers to make continual upgrades to the underlying software & hosting infrastructure that the website runs on.

  • There are often other costs like registration of the domain name and an SSL certificate to encrypt all traffic to & from your website.

The free package includes:

  • 100% of the build & setup costs involved with assembling, configuring and loading one of our GEM industry targeted website packages - allowing you to get online quickly and without upfront risk.

  • Initial digital marketing initiatives with a free Google My Business listing, and if relevant, integration with Google Shopping (subject to availability). In addition your website will be compatible with the search engines, and you will have direct control over most things that are important to them.

  • Some of the ongoing costs associated with the website (see next question).

  • Registration of a domain name for you (if required) and access to an SSL certificate.

Is there a success fee?

No success fee applies on our GEM charity websites.

What's in it for you? Why are you doing this?

We believe New Zealand needs a digital revolution. Digital revolution means that every business that can get online does. Communities need to transform. Towns need to transform. Regions need to transform and cities need to transform. The revolution is achieved when community by community, town by town, city by city, 90% of all businesses are trading online. When this occurs, New Zealand will be in a very strong position economically to cope with the ongoing challenges of COVID-19.

We can help. We are in a unique position to help. And we believe that we must help.

Zeald can deliver websites at volume. With hard work, we believe we can deliver 100's of websites every week - possibly even 1000's of websites (with time, more smart thinking and refinement). And we can deliver fast. Our target is to deploy your new website within 2 working days (subject to you providing us with the information we require).

We are on a mission to save SME businesses, to help them to transform themselves digitally, and to help NZ achieve an incredible and rapid digital revolution. To find out more read our history here.

If you provide me with a free domain name, who owns the name?

You do. We register your domain name for the first 12 months for free using whatever name you provide us with (either your personal name or your company name). So you retain ownership of that domain name at all times.

Am I locked in for 12 months?

No. There is no minimum term. You are never locked in with this website offer.

If you are not happy with your website, then at any time you can give us one months notice, and can take your website content, domain name and any other information included in your website such as your history of orders and customer information and go to another web design agency/provider.

Do I own my website?

We own our website management and digital marketing system and our pre-designed and pre-produced templates that we have created for specific industry segments.

You own your website content, domain name and other information included in your website such as your history of orders and customer information.

From an ownership perspective, the Zeald system works very similar to how Xero works. Xero owns its accounting system. You own your information that is within their system - but you don't ever own Xero itself (or a copy of Xero). You pay a monthly fee to Xero to use their system.

If you have any further questions about this, or if anything isn't clear then you are welcome to email us @

What are the ongoing hosting charges after 12 months?

It depends on what hosting plan you are on. You can select from any of the hosting plans below (both during and after the initial 12-month period).

  • Basic Hosting - NZ $9.99+GST p/month
  • Professional Hosting - NZ $99+GST p/month
  • Premium Hosting - NZ $499+GST p/month
  • Enterprise Hosting - NZ $1,499+GST p/month

No success fee applies on our GEM Charity websites.

Are there any additional charges?

There are no charges associated with the standard website package(see terms and conditions and this FAQ for further details). If you would like Zeald to undertake additional work for you outside of the standard website package, then we will need to charge for this work. However, we will do everything we can to keep our fees to you as reasonable as possible.

Using our website management system, you are able to complete many tasks yourself. However, if you want us to complete tasks for you then we are happy to help in whatever way we can. Some examples of the types of additional work that we do along with the fees we usually charge are as follows:

Examples of simple tasks/changes (all prices exclusive of GST)

  • Load content from a document (or a page on your old website) to your new website - $25 p/page
  • Load a product from a document (or from your old website) to your new website - $25 p/page
  • Change the logo in your website header - $25 p/page
  • Update text on a website page or order email etc - $25 p/update
  • Styling change to a web page (colour, alignment or font change) - $25 p/update
  • Change the label of an existing form field. For example: change the title "Delivery Details" to be "Shipping Details" - $25 p/change
  • Change the responsive view of a web page - e.g. Hide one element or change the way the hero image displays etc. - $25 p/change
  • Change the default setting for "Sort by" on category pages. For example: From Recommended or Alphabetically to Lowest Price or Most Popular. - $25
  • Add a new field to the check-out form and have this information come through with each new order and store it in the website management system - $150

Please note that we reserve the right to decline to provide additional services at the prices indicated if your requirements are significantly more complex than what we have assumed with our standard pricing. If you have any further questions regarding our pricing or additional services, you are welcome to phone, email ( or contact us over live chat.

Can I get my website customised to my unique requirements?

Yes you can (subject to our team's availability).

If you want to customise your website then we can provide you with a quote. If your customisation is reasonably simple then we will provide you with a fixed price quote. If the customisation is complex or variable in scope then we will provide you with an estimate and charge you on an hourly rate basis. We have recently reduced our hourly rate in response to COVID-19 to $147+GST p/hour to assist businesses in this regard.

Can you create content?

Yes. We can produce a range of content. From copywriting to video production. Please talk to our team for further details. There is also a wide range of high-quality third-party content providers in both the NZ and the global marketplace that you can use to help in the production of quality content.

Are you able to help in the marketing of my website?

Yes. We do provide a range of digital marketing services. Google & Facebook advertising packages. Search Engine Optimisation services. Conversion rate optimisation and so on. Please enquire for further details.

Am I able to change the content on my website myself?

Yes. You can change the majority of the content on your website yourself using the website management system. For those few areas you can't change, we can update them for you for a small charge (see the question "Are there any additional charges?" for further details).

Are there any plugins, add-ons or extensions that can be added on my website?

Each industry website that we produce is a full-functioned ecommerce website that contains the standard functionality that we believe most businesses in that industry will require. There is also a wide range of extensions that can be added to your website depending on your specific requirements and we can completely customise your website for you if you want to also (see the question, "Can I get my website customised to my unique requirements?").

To borrow a car analogy, we have worked hard to build a Toyota. Strong, dependable, reliable and (hopefully) will never let you down. It is not a Rolls Royce, Range Rover or a Bentley and it is not a custom built Hot-Rod (nor does it come with the cost). There are other agencies that specialise in these types of websites. You can modify your Toyota. You can extend it and trick it up if you want to. You can make it extra, super-duper awesome if you want to invest more in it. But if you leave it just as it is, it should still be strong, dependable and reliable. It should serve you really well.

If you are producing websites that fast, does this mean they're cookie-cutter, template websites?

We have developed a range of website packages that are carefully designed for specific industries. The design templates within each industry package have been developed based on usability, conversion optimisation, years of experience and thorough research, specific to your industry. These templates form the structure and foundation of your website.

All websites share a lot of similar elements. High-quality, ecommerce websites, generally work in a similar way to other ones - intentionally so. Users expect certain elements to be in certain places and for websites to follow a specific process from the homepage through to completing an order. It would make little sense to build every element from scratch for every website.

Zeald has a huge array of elements that we assemble for different websites based on the unique requirements of each business. Yes, your website will share a lot of common elements to other websites, but it will uniquely reflect your business.

As part of our standard package, we will personalise the website to reflect your unique brand by applying your logo, your colour choices and the images and text that you provide us with. We will also load 25 products or content pages that you provide us with to help you get online as quickly as possible.

You can update most of the text on your website, and add and replace images to personalise it further, using the website management system. Our support team are on hand to help you find the answers if you get stuck at any point. If you prefer, you can request one of our team to make changes for you to free you up to focus on running your business (additional charges apply - see the question "Are there any additional charges?" for further details).

Once the website is loaded with your text, images and products, it reflects your unique brand. The website management system is flexible and powerful, making it quick and easy to update important content when you need to, but it is also structured to reduce the chances of accidentally breaking the website design.

If you require a custom design you can request small design changes to your website from as little as $25+GST or step up to your own fully customised design (please enquire for a quote).


Terms & Conditions

We are offering a limited number of free charity websites, for Not-for-Profit organisations, for no setup fees, and no monthly hosting fees for a 12 month period (from the date of website deployment).

Following the conclusion of the initial 12-month period (or at any time during the initial 12-month period) you can change your hosting plan to any one of the following: Basic Hosting - NZ $9.99+GST p/month; Professional Hosting - NZ $49+GST p/month; Premium Hosting - NZ $99+GST p/month.

No success fee applies for transactions or donations processed through our GEM charity websites.

If you would like Zeald to undertake additional work for you outside of the standard website package, then we will need to charge for this work. However, we will do everything we can to keep our fees to you as reasonable as possible.

You are eligible to apply for a free charity website only if you are Not-for-Profit organisation and accept the pre-designed and pre-produced website package.

To apply for your website, please fill out the form below. We reserve the right to decline your application at our sole discretion and we do not have to disclose our reasons for doing so.

Don’t Delay. Apply now!

Zeald is closed for the Christmas holiday break from 23 December to 18 January 2021. To secure your GEM Website for a great start to 2021, complete the Application form below and your return your completed GEM Website Information form to Zeald.

All applications and GEM Website Information forms received over the holiday break will be reviewed when the Zeald Team is back on board from 18 January 2021.

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