Meet the Designers: they translate your plan into a beautiful results-driven website 

timeline to completion: minimum 10 working days

requirements: project deposit, website plan document, business logo


you receive: animated presentation of your final design

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Zeald’s website designers live and breathe design and creativity. They are extremely passionate about what they do, and are always on the search for inspiration.

They like to try out new ideas, and quickly know what works, and what doesn't. They are constantly striving to make things better. Keeping designs fresh is important for good design.

Our designers have a unique ability to design beautiful looking websites, that also are functional and results-focused. 

User experience is one of the most important factors a web designer and client have to discuss when designing a new website. “It's really easy to get caught up in a pretty design, but like any creative work, there will be someone interacting with it on the other end- if you don't factor your target customer in, then I think the design loses its purpose.” 

In the design phase, a Zeald Designer will create a clear visual of how the new website will look. Your website homepage is designed to look professional, and successfully represents your brand in the online world. This will be used as the basis for the design of the rest of your website.

Your Designer investigates and interprets your brand using the plan, to produce a draft of the website homepage. They use their expertise to make sure the website is user & search engine friendly, while making sure it looks good and is easy to manage by you.

The Designer will send you a copy of the first draft of the website homepage. Once approved and
 the design is complete, it will be sent to you in the form of an animated presentation. Please ensure that you read the information within this presentation to understand the rationale behind your proposed website design.

Design Review


timeline to completion: 10 working days (subject to mutual availability)

requirements: Before the review session you should have taken the time to read through the presentation guide and makes notes about any changes that you would like to see or queries that you may have. The more prepared you are for this session the more productive it will be.

If you are happy with the proposed design you may let the Designer know and the team will be given the ‘go ahead’ to proceed with the next phase in the ‘build’ of the new website.

If you have any queries or would like to see any changes to the proposed design, (you may have to gather the feedback from other members in your team) note these changes down; they may be scribbles on a printout or in an email. When you have all your notes ready you can then schedule a virtual design review with your Designer.

A virtual design review is where you connect to the Designer’s computer using your own computer and then work alongside the Designer (virtually) to review and finalise the design of your website.

There is a link at the end of your design presentation that provides you access to your Designer's calendar so that you can find a day and time that suits you and your team.

The virtual design review may sound quite intimidating, but it is actually very easy and very satisfying. The Designer will send you and email with a link for you to click. You then click a few buttons to connect to the Designer’s machine and you’re away!

If for any reason a virtual design review is not possible then the designer will complete the design review process with you manually over the phone.

The virtual design review allows the Designer to clarify each of your change requests and point out any potential issues or let you know how such changes could impact the design. The virtual design review is a very quick and efficient method for conveying changes, discussing changes, making changes and reviewing changes. This method ensures that there is no miscommunication and can save you going back and forth by email or phone.

Please Note. You are welcome to send any feedback to your Designer before the session but your Designer will not begin making any of the design changes before the meeting. The Designer will wait for the meeting to clarify the requests and discuss them with you before any changes are made.

Once you are satisfied with the design, the Designer will send you a copy of the finalised design and the team will be given the ‘go ahead’ to proceed with the next phase in the 'build' of the new website.

The completion of this step is impacted heavily by how quickly the design is reviewed and approved. Make sure you allocate some time (1 hour) in advance for the virtual design review.

You will be notified by your Zeald Designer once the design phase is complete and your website has moved to the construction phase.

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