Working with Zeald

1. Meet the TeamTeam 5-683-705

Zeald has over 100 expert staff, specialising in different areas, such as design, technology and online marketing.  You will often work with several specialists to complete different parts of your project.  

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2. Services + Budget

Zeald provides a wide range of products and services aimed at helping you achieve your business goals with a thoroughly planned website project, or adding more functionality and boosting the results of your existing website.  Our team of specialists can help improve your website's design, fine-tune your online marketing campaigns, or assist you with any add-on services.

Fixed Price -  Packages purchased as a "fixed scope" of work.  They come with a 30-day Warranty Period, which runs from the completion date (i.e. the date which we advise you that your website is ready for loading content.
Time and Materials - Agile services that are sold by the hour.   Subscriptions and Programmes - Services paid by monthly subscription   

3. Standard Website ProcessStandard process 2017

  • Minimum 8 weeks for website build
  • Complex projects with other services eg. customisations or integration will take longer
  • Delays are mostly caused by:
    • Your availability for booking meetings        
    • Receiving your content / feedback
    • Multiple reviews and revisions
    • Too many decision makers
    • customisation , web optimisation & content enhancement
    • Trying to achieve perfectio 
  • Timelines can be reduced with a collaborative commitment to launching early and refining afterwards
The Basic (Minimum 6 weeks for website build) and the Professional (Minimum of 14 weeks for website build) website subscriptions also follow the same process.   


4. Agile Methodology

 Agile final          
  • Agile is a proven method for managing complex technology projects
  •  It is a creative process that anticipates the need for flexibility
  • It helps teams respond to the unpredictable nature of website development    
  • It focusses on keeping things simple, testing often and delivering functional pieces of the project as soon as they’re ready    
  • Content, customisation, optimisation & promotion services are delivered in an agile methodology, and paid for on an hourly rate     
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5. Agile Services:  Estimates not Fixed Price


The flexibility of agile means the price may go up or down as things change along the way.
  • Every project is unique, there are many unknowns, and there are usually many changes in direction along the way - making it impossible to provide a fixed price
  • We can work with you to stay within your budget, but it does require effort from both parties to achieve this
  • We'll communicate as we go
    • Where your budget is being used
    • How much we have left after each stage
    • Where we should invest next
    • When we are looking to go over
Agile methodology

6. Changes & Testing

changes testing 
  • It is in the nature of a T&M project that you pay for all the time that we spend on your project
  • This includes:  Project management, change requests, mistakes made by you or us, questions, support, follow up to contact you, emails, phonecalls, etc.  
  • Mistakes are natural, no matter the skill or care taken
  • Changes are normal - we will estimate and help you prioritise
  • We will estimate and try and reserve budget to form an appropriate level of testing and changes, based on your budget.  On some projects, more can be required.
  • About 50% of issues can be detected during testing. It's generally not cost-effective to detect more.  This can mean issues crop up long after launch

7. Project Management Triangle

  • Every project is a balance between features, polish and the budget
  • This is known as the ‘project management triangle'
  • We are confident we can produce a solution that meets your needs within the quoted budget
  • To achieve this though, you need to be careful that you don’t let polish, or features dominate over your budget
  • We've analysed your needs and scoped an appropriate solution based on average levels of polish and features
    • Where do you sit on the triangle?

8. A collaborative Approach

molecheck It can be a bumpy and stressful ride & achieving results is often not as easy as some people make out. We are here for you. We don't want to chew through your budget trying to get hold of you and chasing.

You can help this project succeed:
  • Appoint a key project contact person - your business’ representative
  • Be available to work with our specialists
  • Provide content and feedback in a timely fashion
  • Limit the number of ‘approvers’
  • Be as decisive as possible
  • Keep open communication
  • Stay in touch
  • Raise any concerns as early as possible

9. Launch ASAP

  • Good design involves as little design as possible
  • Let’s do less, better.
  • Let’s prioritise work based on your website objectives, focusing on the most important tasks first
  • Let’s launch a minimal solution as soon as possible. 
    • Launch something better than your current website (eg the content of your existing website with a new design)
    • What is your minimum solution?
  • We can then optimise based on website data
  • New ideas are added all the time.  There's always plenty of good ideas, the tricky bit is prioritising them and working on the things that will matter the most
  • Your project doesn't finish just because we have launched - we will continue to work with you.
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10. Website Results


  • We can't guarantee business results as even the best website won't persuade people to buy a product they don't want.
  • If you've bought our website results consulting services we'll work with you to implement this, otherwise it's up to you to DIY
  • Website results come from a process of continual refinement and improvement
    • Using real data as opposed to personal opinion
    • Determine what changes need to be made
    • Prioritise the most important changes
    • Implement those changes so as to launch early
    • Test to see how the changes are working
    • Repeat
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11. Billing



  • What is your plan?
  • Not tied to your project progress


  • We can do this for some services because they have streamlined proven process with a fixed scope


  • You pay monthly
  • Starts once the website is built, not once it goes live - We offer 1 month free


  • You are buying time not a fixed outcome
  • We provide an estimate - We provide updates along the way. How much budget we used last cycle, what we achieved last cycle, how much we have left and what we plan for next cycle
  • If we haven't finished when we get to the end we will provide options, pay more, backlog, launch MVP


  1. Meet the team
  2. Services + Budget
  3. Standard Website Process
  4. Agile Methodology
  5. Agile Services:  Estimates not Fixed Price
  6. Changes & Testing
  7. Project Management Triangle
  8. A collaborative approach
  9. Launch ASAP
  10. Website Results
  11. Billing

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