timeline to completion: minimum 10 working days

requirements: handover meeting complete, plan booked.


you receive: a plan for your website  or project

Spending time planning is the best investment of time you can make to ensure your website is a success

We work together to uncover your business's strengths and come up with your online strategy

Too many website projects dive straight into what images, colours and fonts to use, and forget that your website is a business tool that needs a powerful strategy, so that it can achieve amazing results from the moment you go live. Just like you wouldn’t get your builder to construct your house without a set of plans, you wouldn’t start designing a website without a carefully planned strategy.



Meet the planners: real people, who understand business + what it takes to make your website successful

Zeald’s website planners come from a wide range of backgrounds including marketing, journalism, recruitment, IT and Media. They all share a natural curiosity & desire to uncover what makes your business tick and how best to convey this to your customers online.
They’ve all grown up with the internet at their fingertips, which combined with their unique business backgrounds, makes planning websites almost second nature to them.
They specialise in putting themselves in your customer's shoes and asking the question - “Why would I do business with you?” Having been in your business for a long time this process of looking in from the outside is always beneficial.
Staying up to date with Google’s changes and the latest online marketing trends is a full time job. The website results specialists go through regular training session to share the latest online marketing strategies and discuss what works and what doesn’t. They can then inject this knowledge into your website plan.

“The 3 hour session went by so fast. Not too fast that it was ineffective, but we had so much to talk about and plan. I left feeling very exhilarated and excited about seeing the design.”

Natalie Tolhopf, Crown Institute

Two key objectives

  1. Gain a deeper understanding of your business by building on what you’ve already covered with your business consultant
  2. Create a clear and concise framework for your website which will be used by the whole Zeald team and you and your team to build your website
To achieve this, your planner will take you through the following steps
  • Unique Value Proposition - Uncover the core reasons why a visitor on your site would stay on your site to learn more and then take your desired action
  • Pathway -Defines how we will take a new visitor by the hand and lead them through your site, ensuring the view all the information they need to proceed with doing business with your company.
  • Trust - Consider the trust building elements e.g. testimonials, reviews that will encourage visitors to take action
  • Promote - How will your target customer learn about the presence of your website and what will prompt them to visit it
  • Sitemap - Identify the most important pages on your website and what order they should go in
  • Design - How you want the website to look and also provide you with a few ideas of our own.
  • Wireframe - We start putting the website elements together. The main point of this tab is to give our designers an indication of what is important for your business and the “feel” that we want to get across

Handy tips to ensure a smooth and effective planning process

To get the most out of the website planning session it helps for you to:

  • Supply your logo
  • Prepare / bring any promotional or sales material e.g. PDFs, brochures, ads etc that will help our planners understand your business
  • Have a think about about who your customers are, how they will use your website and what your business offers them.
  • What’s most important to your customers.
  • The features of your product and services, especially those ones that are most unique to your business

You don’t have to disrupt your day and leave your office or home to plan your website

We have developed a streamlined process to remotely plan your website. We have a range of tools at our disposal to make this straightforward and effective. Whether or not you choose to wear your dressing gown is up to you!

  • Screen Sharing Software

Planning your website remotely saves you time, petrol, and is better for the environment. If you would prefer to have a face to face planning session, you can arrange a time to meet at our Tawa drive office.

Every plan is of the highest quality

Your website planner will capture everything discussed and agreed upon in the plan into an online worksheet. This will be reviewed by you and any other relevant members of your team.

After the plan is complete we review it with another team member. Having another website specialist with a fresh set of eyes check each plan ensures every plan we complete is of the highest quality before it’s passed on to our designers.

Once the ‘website plan’ document is finalised the Website Results Specialist will submit the plan to the Zeald Designer in charge of designing your new website. Our Production team then uses the plan as a guiding document to assist in the production of the website.

The plan also contains a detailed blueprint of the content that will need to be created for your new website by either yourself or Zeald (depending on what option you have chosen).

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