Plan your website resource and schedule regular periods to optimise

You can't just publish your website, leave it and expect it to succeed.
Hamish Braddick
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You can't just publish your website, leave it and expect it to succeed.

The number one reason websites fail is because they are forgotten about and neglected. Remember, running a successful website is like running a business. It involves regular ongoing improvement.

Inhouse vs partners

You need to find the right person or team of people to work on the ongoing improvement of your website You need to first of all decide whether to work on it inhouse or pay for a professional.
Either way it will cost money, whether you handle it yourself inhouse or pay a professional. Your decision will of course come down to which method provides the greatest return on investment (ROI).

How much time do you dedicate to improving your website?

We are often asked this and our answer is, it depends. It depends on a number of things such as; how much budget you have available, how integral the website is in your sales and marketing process. But to give you some ideas....

Minimal - 1hr per month
Average - 2hrs per month
Healthy - 8hrs per month
Go hard - 8 hrs or more per week
Hamish Braddick
Published on
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