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4 ways to keep your customers coming back!
Like most people, I am a creature of habit. I enjoy spending my money with companies which I know have exactly what I need.
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Email Marketing
Subject Lines - The Key to Email Marketing Success
Email marketing is a great cost-effective way to get your message out to your clients. But there is no point in spending time building a database, creating a special offer or filling your newsletter with enticing pieces of information if no one reads your message.

That is where the all-important subject line comes into play. You need to craft your subject line. It needs to stand out from the clutter of the inbox; while still being relevant to the message in the email. Many a marketer has tried to use a trick subject line to increase their open rate; but with spam filters hot on the heels of unsolicited mail, you may find that your message goes directly to the trash bin.

To avoid this you want to consider making your subject line useful and valuable to your reader. This means you will have to know your target market. Like a trailer to a movie, be specific about what is coming in the feature: the email message. What you have said in your message should be interesting, so make sure your subject line reflects this. Your reader is often time-poor so you should create a sense of urgency so they feel compelled to read your message now. However if every message is perceived as urgent: none will be. So use urgency with care.

Beyond subject lines; the key to good email marketing is building a relationship with your customers. You need to earn their trust. They should know that what you provide is good content, exclusive offers or whatever they have signed up for. If you emails are constantly about selling your product and offering no other value you will soon have a long list of unsubscribes.

Over time, the most compelling thing about an email message should be that it’s from you. Even before they read your subject line, your recipient needs to know at a glance that you’re a trusted source. Some email marketers choose to put the same identifier in the subject line every email, for example [Zeald] Top tips for crafting subject lines. This can both help and hinder your message, as some people will set up a rule filtering you into another folder where your message will go unread and unheard.

Be mindful of trigger words. These are the words that prompt a spam filter to put you in the trash can. Below is a list of words that often set the spam filter off, however if you use some of the words sparingly, not paired together, not all in CAPITALS and your message is content rich then it is ok to use them in your subject line.
$$$ 100% free Ad
Affordable Amazing stuff Apply now
Auto email removal Billion Cash bonus
Cheap Collect child support Compare rates
Compete for your business Credit Credit bureaus
Dig up dirt on friends Double your income Earn $
Earn extra cash Eliminate debt Email marketing
Explode your business Extra income F r e e
Fast cash Financial freedom Financially independent
Free Free gift Free grant money
Free info Free installation Free investment
Free leads Free membership Free offer
Free preview Guarantee ‘Hidden’ assets Home based
Homebased business Income from home Increase sales
Increase traffic Increase your sales Incredible deal
Info you requested Information you requested Internet market
Leave Limited time offer Make $
Mortgage Rates Multi-level marketing No investment
Obligation Online marketing Opportunity
Order Now Prices Promise you
Refinance Remove Reverses aging
Save $ Search engine listings Serious cash
Stock disclaimer statement Stop snoring Thousands
Unsubscribe Web traffic Weight loss
With that said is there a secret formula to subject lines? It may sound simple but subject lines have to ultimately describe the subject of your email. You will often find that the simplest subjects such as May Newsletter, will win every time, over Get a free offer inside. When it comes to email marketing, the best subject lines tell what's inside, and the worst subject lines sell what's inside.

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Domains & Email
Using email marketing to promote your Website
Email marketing is an extremely powerful website promotional tool. It is one-to-one direct marketing that is personalised, with well-defined targets, where the results are instant, accurate and easy-to-understand.
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Email Marketing
How to Create an Email Marketing Campaign
In The Benefits of Long Sales Copy on your Website we covered the merits of long copy versus short copy, and how long copy usually outsells short copy.
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Email Marketing
The Importance of Sending Order Confirmation Emails from Your Website

As soon as a customer confirms an order on your website, a confirmation email is automatically sent to them. Order confirmation emails are extremely important as they further reinforce your credibility and professionalism.

The natural tendency for many customers, after making an order, is to be plagued with fears and doubts; i.e., “I hope I did the right thing buying that”; “I hope my order arrives”, and so on. This well-recognised condition is called ‘buyer’s remorse’, and is very common.

The order confirmation email can be structured to help alleviate ‘buyer’s remorse’. Thank the customer for their order and inform them about the delivery process from this point forward. Remind them of your guarantee and provide them with contact details should there be any queries or concerns.

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