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Transferring your domain name

Written by David Kelly on April 1st, 2008.      0 comments

In order for your website to be accessible on the internet it requires a "Domain Name". This is the name that users type into thier web browser to find your website - eg or

While your website is being loaded it will run on a temporary domain (usually ending in ""). When you go live you will want to point a real domain name at your website
The information required for Zeald to be able to transfer a domain depends on what type of domain it is.

DNS Caching and delays in domain transfers

Note that in general when transferring a domain name it can take 48 hours or more for the transfer to fully take effect. During this time some people will see your old website, and some your new website. Similarly mail will still be delivered to both your old email accounts and your new ones (the actual time for this transition depends on the settings used by whoever is currently hosting the domain)

This is because the DNS system uses a caching system - when someone's ISP asks the domain server "where is" the DNS server responds "It is at, and this response is valid for 48 hours". The ISP will then not look the domain up again for another 48 hours - if during this time information about the domain changes customers of that ISP will not see those changes until that time expires. This helps to make the internet a great deal faster since ISPs only need to lookup domains once every 48 hours rather than every time you make a request.

The actual caching time (the "TTL" - time to live) of the domain name is set by whoever is currently hosting the domain. It is typically 24 or 48 hours, although can be as long or short as the domain name host wants. You may be able to contact them in advance and ask them to reduce this number.

.nz domains

Domain names ending in .nz are managed by the New Zealand registrar. In order to transfer a .nz domain name we require the following information
  1. A UDAI number. A UDAI is a special key for the domain name that allows a hosting company like Zeald to make changes to a domain name on your behalf : it is a random sequence of numbers and letters, eg "JdwhRDRp". You can request a UDAI from your current hosting provider. Note that if you have an old UDAI that has already been used it may not still be valid!
  2. What email addresses do you want set up for this domain? If you have your own email server you will need to contact us so we can ensure it keeps working after the transfer. You can have up to five free email addresses with your Zeald hosting (additional addresses will attract a charge). For each email address you can specify one of the following options
    1. Create a seperate mailbox for this account (with a username/password) (this is the default)
    2. Forward this email to another email address
    3. Or forward this email to multiple other addresses
  3. (advanced) If you have other subdomains setup on this domain, tell us so we can set them up on the new domain (if in doubt, you probably don't have any subdomains)

.com, .org, .net and other domains

When transferring a .com, .net or .org domain, the process differs for different providers. If in doubt or you have any problems please contact your provider's customer support for help with using their systems:

In order to set up a .com .net or .org domain, the typical approach is:
  1. Provide us with an EPP Code (also referred to as an Auth Code or an Authorization Code) so we can initiate the transfer. The Authorization Code must be requested from your current domain host.
  2. Ensure the domain is unlocked, and ensure the registrant email address for the domain is set to an address which you check as the authorization transfer request will be sent there.
  3. When you have given us the Auth code we will initiate the transfer and you will receive an authorization transfer request email (addressed to the registrant of the domain)
  4. When you receive the email read it carefully and follow the 'Accept transfer' link. The transfer should then complete between 3 and 7 days.

Transferring your domain

When you are ready to transfer your domain, please visit the Zeald Domain & Email Manager.
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