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Free website design tools

Written by Brent Kelly on April 1st, 2008.      0 comments

Outlined below are some useful web tools that will assist you to check and improve the performance of your own website. None of these tools are required for using your website, however you might find they make your life easier. There are many competing products that provide the same or similar function; these are just a selection. Most of them are free (and in many cases open source). Note that Zeald cannot provide support for the use of third party tools such as these if you have questions regarding the use of them please review their support resources.

Website loading speed

Downloading your website for offline use

HTTrack lets you download a copy of your website to use offline (eg at trade shows or anywhere else you want to show your website without an internet connection)

Search engine optimisation tools

Spell check tool 

A spelling error or a broken link can instantly breakdown the trust and credibility of your website. Spelling errors and broken links are obvious problems that are easily fixed...The hard bit is finding them. This tool scans your entire website and emails you a full report.

Dead link checker.

Check the validity of links on any web page with this handy website.

Google Chrome and Firefox web browsers.

Chrome and Firefox are significantly more up-to-date than other browsers (eg. Internet Explorer). Chrome is now the most used internet browser, with 68% market share, while Firefox comes in second with 19.1% (source).

Managing your photos: Google Picassa

Keeping track of your digital photos can be a pain: google provides the picassa image management tool to help with this.

Image editing

Image Optimiser

Batch image resizing

Sometimes it can be very slow to upload a large number of large images, even using the image importer.  This page contains a list of different tools that can be useful for batch-processing images

Web colours

Want to know how to find the code for a web colour. These tools help you find the RGB code which you can then use on your website.


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