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Set Goals and Discover Your Leads

Written by Casey Hartigan on May 14th, 2012.      1 comments

You are the only one that can tell which kind of goals are right for your business. This is why there are so many options for creating your own goals. Here are a few goals that you can setup right away that we think will be useful to a lot of businesses.

If one of the objectives of your website is to generate leads or enquiries then chances are you have one or more forms on your site that your customers are asked to fill out. We find that while these forms are useful they don't offer a true indication of how well your site is functioning as a lead generation tool. Often people can't be bothered filling out long forms, or they don't provide enough information and you can't reach a potential customer - subsequently your website records low enquiry numbers.

What your website doesn't record is the number of people who click straight onto the "Contact Us' page and give you a call or an email directly. Previously you had no way to know how many people were contacting you after seeing your website. By setting up a 'specific page was loaded' goal you can get a great idea how many people are going to your contact us page. If they visit this page chances are they're looking for your phone or email, so the number of visitors will give you a great idea how well your site is generating leads.

Tips to measure "contact us" page loads...

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Paul Schramm says ...
If you are targeting New Zealand people then put your free ph number on every page. Then people do not have to make another click to find out how to contact you. Use a free ph number that is just on your website then you can track how many people are calling you from your site.
Many people google your key words to find out your phone number so they can ring you, so it's important to make it easy for them.
We tested using Skype on our site and that was no where as good as having a free ph number on each page.

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