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David Kelly
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When you need to setup your email accounts, Zeald will provide you with information about the details you need to enter into your mail client to setup the account.

Here we have detailed instructions on how to setup Zeald-hosted email addresses in a variety of mail clients.

General information

When you setup a mail account your email client will generally ask you for the following information

Your name, your email address

These appear in the "from" address of emails you send using this account

Username and password

Zeald will have provided you with an email and password.  If you do not have this information you can obtain it from the Support Team.

Incoming (pop3) mail server

Type: pop3
Ensure secure password authentication/ssl etc is turned off

Outgoing (SMTP) mail server

Your ISP will have provided you with the details of the SMTP server you should use.  Zeald cannot provide you with an SMTP server because many ISPs block access to external SMTP servers as a measure to control spam. 

If you dont know what SMTP server details to use you should contact your ISP's helpdesk, however you may find it in the following list

 ISP  SMTP Server

How to setup your email

We provide specific information to setup various email clients.  If your email client is not in this list refer to help provided with your mail client for further information on how to setup your mail account from the information above.

David Kelly
Published on

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