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Formatting Your Long Sales Copy

Brent Kelly
Published on

When communicating with your customers using your voice, you can utilise (and vary) the following elements to make your speech interesting:


  • Volume (how loudly or softly you speak)Speed (how quickly or slowly you speak)
  • Vocabulary (the words that you use)
  • Pronunciation (speaking the words correctly)
  • Personality (the emotions you convey using your voice).

When communicating with the written word, you can also utilise a number of elements that will help make your web page sales copy more interesting:


  • Fonts
    Make sure you use a black font on a white background– anything else is difficult to read. Do not use a fancy font. Generally, Serif fonts are used for print and Sans-serif fonts are used for computer screens. The most common Serif font is Times New Roman. Common Sans-serif fonts are Arial and Verdana.


  • Emphasis
    Use bold, italics, underlines and font colours for emphasis, but use them sparingly. You can also use different font sizes for headers. Tables and borders can be used to frame specific sections of text that you want to emphasise. Always use emphasis to drive-home your critical points.


  • Lots of White Space
    Use lots of white space – this makes everything easier to read and is generally more attractive to view.


  • Vary Paragraph Lengths
    Vary the length of your paragraphs as well – this helps keep things interesting.


  • Don’t Justify
    Don’t justify text – it makes it harder to read.


  • Graphics
    Only include a graphic or illustration if it is relevant and supports what you are talking about. Graphics for the sake of graphics are a waste of time as they make the page take longer to load. Your prospect might get tired of waiting and exit.
Brent Kelly
Published on

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