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How outdoor adventure buff Guy Becker increased monthly revenue by 58.7% after we optimised his outdoor gear website

Joseph Clements
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We’re always hearing from people who have websites that are quietly humming when they should be booming. The problem is that it’s next to impossible to know what the solution is. You could hire an expensive SEO firm, improve your meta tags, run Adwords or use any number of online marketing tools out there. Even if you close your eyes and pick something at random, it takes time to research, implement and run, and it’s almost never the best option for your business.

When Guy approached us he had a specific request – he was paying too much for Google Adwords and wanted us to show him how to get the most out of his advertising dollar. One of the things we stress is the importance of taking a holistic approach to websites’ optimisation. The question we always ask ourselves is “How can we increase traffic and conversion?"

Guy had the right idea – The Adwords campaign was not bringing in enough customers, and many that did come left without purchasing anything. In fact it was costing Guy an average of $16.48 in advertising for every single sale he made on the site. Instead of focusing on Adwords we asked if we could look at the big picture and make changes that would benefit the whole site.

Top-gear was already a great website with an impressive product range, but we were able to identify some key areas to work on that we believed could provide some big wins for Guy and his business. He agreed to let us do a thorough overview of his website and booked two hours results consulting with one of our specialists. After our initial review we felt that Top-Gear would benefit the most if we focused on perfecting the basic elements of a successful website. This way both paid and organic traffic will see the difference.

Designing a winning homepage

Once someone lands on your homepage you have a maximum of 7 seconds to make a great first impression. You better make sure what you offer is immediately clear and that you show why you’re the best solution for your customer’s needs.
  • We identified a number of areas that could be improved to create more trust and credibility, promote top selling products and funnel more traffic into the right categories

Original page (click to enlarge)

Top Gear Web Site Design Optimisation with Zeald


New page (click to enlarge)

Top Gear Website Design and Optimisation with Zeald

This is the part where we put on our white lab coats

We were pretty confident  that the changes we made would start showing some big wins for Guy’s business, but no optimisation would be complete without running a split test to scientifically prove the changes were working. This is also known as putting our money where our mouth is :)

The results speak for themselves. The redesigned homepage increased the conversion rate of his top selling knife by 240.2%. Because the homepage really pushed Guy’s impressive range of products, built trust and credibility by offering a money back guarantee and a free delivery incentive, more visitors bought something, resulting in an incredible 35% increase in conversion from June - September.

The biggest win for Guy is that his one off investment of 2 hours results consulting followed by a redesign and split test will continue to show dividends. Instead of paying an arm and a leg for traffic that didn’t end up buying anything, Guy increased his conversion rate, so now whether he decides to pump traffic in from Adwords, or leave it to the search engines to bring in customers, more people will exit through the checkout page.

We’re confident we can dramatically improve your online business as well.
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Joseph Clements
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