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Makeover your website this Christmas

Sarah Gleeson
Published on

A lot of people will be venturing to the internet this holiday season to track down the best deals. Just like putting up the tree and stringing up lights, you can give your website a festive vibe to get your online shoppers full of Christmas cheer.

You can choose to either go all out or just a quick makeover, it is completely up to you. Even a few changes can make all the difference to the shopping and browsing experience of your customer.

Here at Zeald, we make our own Christmas advent calendar that we share with our customers. While we have some fun making it, we hope that they enjoy it too and choose to visit more often. 

A Christmas quick fix

  • Add a Christmas vibe to some of your main images. This can be as simple as changing out a few images to include your products or models wearing Christmas hats. Have a look at PicMonkey for a few ideas, you can add in a Christmas feel to any image!
  • Change your display picture or cover photo on Facebook or Twitter to include a festive image. Anything that helps attract attention to your brand helps!

A more intensive Christmas do over

  • Change the colour scheme of your website home page to include green and red. People will quickly get the idea that your business is celebrating the approaching holiday.
  • christmas profile
  • Dress up your logo with a Christmas theme. Add some fairy lights to your logo, or a gift box. It may seem silly, but it will help your logo stand out from your competitors.
  • Add some Christmas specials. A ‘Christmas only’ deal creates urgency, and people feel like they are getting a good holiday bargain. People often look for Christmas deals around the big day, as financial pressure mounts; so make sure you can ease this burden for your customers.
  • Add a countdown to Christmas on your home page. People love a good countdown, it also helps to add a bit of urgency to their shopping. If you have deals going, a countdown could be just the thing to help move a stuborn customer along. 
  • Send out an email marketing campaign. You can center this around wishing your clients a Merry Christmas, and add in some of your one-off deals.
Sarah Gleeson
Published on

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